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Monday, June 30, 2014

Fatty and Skinny went to the Show.


"Fatty and Skinny went to the zoo.

Fatty got lost in some elephant’s poo.

Skinny went home to tell his mum

And all he got was a smack on the bum!"

Do you remember that rhyme from when you were a kid? Or any other Fatty and Skinny chants?

You’d be politically incorrect if you went around singing it these days.

No one is allowed to smack kids on the bum anymore...

We went to our Annual Agricultural Show today (the first time in fifteen years for me) and the only place I wanted to see was the animal nursery. I love baby animals.

It was a deeply regrettable experience to say the least.

There were stressed out sheep, tormented goats, traumatised ponies, miserable camels and other afflicted farm animals in cages. 

               Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep. Seriously? Are we living in an Idiocracy?

In the centre of the tent was a penned off area where you could pay a measly two bucks and young Phineas or Philomena, would be permitted to go inside and ‘cuddle’ unsuspecting baby piglets, ducklings and lambs.

I witnessed an unpleasant, pudgy, mullet-sporting boy, pick up a tiny piglet by its back legs, ignoring the distressed squeals and panicked wriggling, until the poor little thing managed to break loose and run 'wee,wee,wee' all the way home. 

 I watched a sticky-faced four year old girl stumbling around firmly gripping an anguished yellow duckling by the neck as it desperately paddled its feet in the air. 

Slap me stupid and call me Susan... but as a parent, wouldn't you intervene? Even just a bit?

The parents just stood by; the sauce from their Dagwood Dogs forming red half-moons around their greasy mouths, laughing thoughtlessly and snapping candid photos on iPhones to be posted asap on Instagram.

"Fatty and Skinny went to the Show

Their Centrelink payments they wanted to blow

On waffles and fairy floss. It’s not academic

The reason obesity’s a national epidemic."

Just sayin’.

What do you think about parents who turn a blind eye or is Pinky being judgmental?