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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Grow Some Ovaries!

In regards to the story about the journalist who was ‘insulted’ by the cricketer, (laughing out loud... a cricketer, no less, hardly the bastion of human sensitivity) and then the story about the politician who insulted the public servant by kissing her on the cheek in a bar and the aftermath with the dumb text sent by another politician to a female journalist calling her a f#cking witch, I can’t restrain my social media suicidal tendencies and I suspect I am about to lose a lot of followers and upset some people.

My mother’s reaction to the explosive story was the best I heard.

“Why didn’t she tell him he was uglier than a hat full of arseholes and she wouldn’t have a bar of him because he was old and ugly and embarrass him publically? These young girls need to stick up for themselves.”

I had to think about it for a while but after some consideration I think my 75 year old’s mother’s sentiments are correct.

If we, as united, empowered women, go around whinging about how down-trodden we’ve been for centuries and crack a sook act every time someone crosses the line then what are we but a bunch of whistle-blowing girlie-girls?

If we want respect as women we have to stop the bloody whining. Stand up for yourself girls!

I had a guy come up in a bar to me once and ask me. “Are those tits real?”

I answered, “Yes. Is your dick real?”

He staggered away like the stunned Neanderthal fuckwit that he was. Was I upset? A bit. But at least I got him back.

I realise it’s all very well to be saying what so and so should have done when a more powerful man put the weights on her… but honestly, even in the eighties when I was confronted by CEOs at the company I worked for, who made certain suggestions, I merely told the sleazy old fudgers to sod off.

Nicely of course, because that’s the way I was brought up, nice… but not a fudging dumb idiot who couldn’t stick up for herself.

Of course, as women, we do have to put up with a lot of shit, but you know what? For every areshole man out there, there are many, many good ones (excluding politicians). Instead of seeking sympathy on social media and getting all huffy about it, do as my 
septuagenarian mother suggested… give them back two times what they gave you.

Sort of like in the school playground really.

And surely, if we all give it back to them they'll eventually learn?

True empowerment doesn’t come from crying poor and acting all helpless and downtrodden, it comes from showing your true colours and bloody well giving back twice what you received.