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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Who Are You According to Facebook?

So I just did a Facebook quiz which promised to tell me who I really am. I really wanted to know because I’ve always wondered who I am so I did it and I was very happy with the result. I know which Friends character/Game of Thrones character/Colour/Punctuation Mark I am… but I wasn’t sure who I really am. You know, who I REALLY am.

I knew when I was answering the questions… (particularly the one asking me if I self-tan or not) that it was just a trick to find out more about me so that ‘someone’ could target their advertising more accurately, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to know who I am.

I’m a thirtyish female.

Blonde, apparently.

I wonder why idiots such as myself have an irresistible urge to even click on these rubbish things.

Is it because we are looking for answers to the relentless and tedious journey that is our lives? Or is it because we get drunk and silly and just want a release from watching Border Patrol?

All I know is that I really wish I looked like that chick.

Anyway, three things happened this week that were quite dramatic;

1. My daughter, Lulu dropped in for a few days. The tall, skinny, filly of a girl managed to eat her way through quite a lot of food in three days, shocking and delighting my parents at the same time what with her Viking-type appetite and Amazonian presence. She’s a tooth girl that’s for sure.

2. Speaking of teeth, I visited my periodontist who said, “Relax, don’t be nervous, I won’t be doing anything today.” And then ten minutes later said, “So we’ll be pulling three of your teeth out today.” And then I lay back in the chair and sort of thought about it, and then I sat bolt upright and said, “Yeah… no. That won’t actually be happening, buddy.”

And it DIDN’T. I thought dentists were supposed to save teeth????

3. I got a proper job for a bit. Teaching a real class normal stuff. I start tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll have lots to say about it later. I put a Harmony Auburn rinse in my hair this arvo in anticipation.

I’m still deaf in one ear (which I neglected to mention in the job interview) but I bought a corporate style type of pants thing and a jacket, two new tops and a felt hat from Portmans in Harbour Town to make me appear more professional and to make up for my hearing impairment.

I’ve also been investigating a few dodgy websites on how to be a fairly good teacher.

Wish me luck for my first day tomorrow. Bleeaarrrrghhhh.