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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some Things You Really Don't Want to Know!


Some time ago my sister Sam told me about a website I’d never heard of before. I may be late to the party and you and every man and his bone has already heard of it… but maybe not.

“It’s awful,” Sam cringed, “you type in the country you live in, your parents’ ages and the average amount of times you see them a year.”

“Yeah… and what? It tells you what a slack arse daughter you are?” I asked swallowing in guilt, trying to recall the last time I called the oldies.

“No,” she murmured in a hushed tone. “It tells you how many more times you’re likely to see them before they die. It’s worked out using national statistics and life expectancy.”

‘A bit morbid,’ I thought. ‘I’ll be steering clear of that gloomy harbinger.”

But just like the curious box that allured the wayward Pandora, the site of macabre mystery beckoned me and before I knew it I was typing the details into the text box on the site.

I can’t reveal the actual figure it displayed as occasionally my father reads this blog (only to provide him with further evidence his eldest daughter is indeed an idiotic time-waster) so let’s just think of an arbitrary figure.

Imagine the result was eight times; I’d see my parents eight more times before they drove the grey nomad trailer up to the stars towards a celestial eternity of lawn bowls, All Bran and bickering over the speed limit.

Eight more times certainly doesn’t seem like much does it? 

But what are you supposed to do? You can’t suddenly start dropping in on them all the time. If you decided to visit them once a month instead of the usual annual trip you’d dramatically cut their life expectancy by years

I don’t think they’d be too impressed with that.

I guess you could leave the eighth visit as an undetermined mythological date in the future thus ensuring your parents lived forever… but then you’d never see them again anyway.

Or you could space out the visits to every five years guaranteeing them both living well into their one hundred and thirties. But isn’t that defeating the purpose of the site i.e., encouraging progeny to be more attentive towards their elderly parents in their dotage.

Whatever the solution is, I don’t know.

But if my father does read this post I’m pretty sure his next Google search will be,

“How many more times do I have to see my brainless daughter, Pinky again before I finally find peace in perpetuity?”

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pinky's Wild Side!

I wonder if people who live overseas really do think we have kangaroos hopping around in the streets and crocodiles in our backyard pool here in Australia?

The thing is…. they really wouldn’t be that far off the mark. Even though the Poinkers reside in the heart of suburbia in a city of almost 200 000 people, because we live on the banks of a large river we often spot wallabies and kangaroos hopping cheerily across our front lawn. 

Even more bizarre... the council put a sign up about eighteen months ago three hundred metres from our front door step warning of a saltwater crocodile sighting in the area. The fear of a crocodile possibly lunging at me from the grassy riverbed forced me to take the Chihuahua out for a walk as accompaniment so I had something to offer as bait other than my torso.

I’ve seen huge flocks of enormous pelicans floating on the river and even a little echidna creeping out of a thick clump of grass one dusky evening.

My sister Sam, who lives around the corner, has a sassy family of possums who visit the back patio each night and allow her to hand feed them.

My parents, who used to live in the same suburb, found a dead Taipan in their backyard and there’ve been more than a few times I’ve been stopped on the path whilst on my walk around the river by someone lethargically cautioning me, “There’s a bloody snake up ahead, watch out.”

I have a friend on Twitter by the thought-provoking name of Slow Country Cowboy (“Slow” for short).

Slow hails from Nashville… home of country music, the Grand Ole Opry, Honky Tonk bars; and according to him he saw some very interesting wildlife when he was grocery shopping one day.

Recently, I tweeted I’d seen kangaroos swimming around in my backyard during the recent downpour and I’m not sure Slow believed me so… on my walk today I braved the insidious plague of blood-sucking mozzies and stood on the river bank for as long as I could stand it in search of the elusive wallaby or two.

As you can see by this photo I was successful and have since tweeted him the photo.

Now it’s Slow’s turn.

I want to see the proof of Slow’s alleged sighting of Nashville’s very own wildlife… Keith Urban shopping at the Piggly Wiggly.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pinky Discovers Familiarity Breeds Contempt!


The word “blog” is a truncated version of “web log”. A log is a journal… a diary of thoughts, events and disclosure. It’s for this reason, despite some hesitance; I feel it is perfectly okay to write about a surprising and unwelcome revelation regarding myself that has recently and decisively come to light.

I’m tactless, insensitive, brash and oblivious to the feelings of and subjective injury I inflict on others.

Many years ago when I worked as a Sales Executive for a hotel chain I befriended Cathy, a secretary to the Banquet Manager. 

We’d been casual friends for about a year and it was commonplace for me to pop downstairs to her desk and engage her in comical banter, to-ing and fro-ing as you do. As her birthday was coming up I thought it might be a nice gesture to buy her a birthday card and present it to her with my best wishes.

The card I chose was a droll but comical one with a picture of a wild eyed, outrageously overdone drag queen on the front blowing out a candle. It had “Happy Birthday You Crazy Bitch” on the front which I found to be mildly hilarious and I wrote a nice message inside the card and popped in a chocolate.

Leaving it on her desk in her absence I went on my merry way hoping she’d appreciate what I believed was a thoughtful gesture.

I couldn’t have been more wrong if I’d presented a birthday card to Martin Luther King Jnr with a photo of the Ku Klux Klan blowing out candles on a cake in the shape of a noose.

“Pinky I need to talk to you urgently,” hissed the Banquet Manager closing the door to his office firmly.

Apparently Cathy had found what I thought was an innocently silly card to be distastefully offensive and had put in a formal complaint about me. I was severely rapped over the knuckles for my odious choice of birthday greeting and Cathy never spoke to me again averting her eyes whenever I walked into the room.

Now many of you may be nodding in agreement right now and questioning whether or not you should be reading the blog of such an inappropriate and hateful person such as Pinky, but to be honest, at the time I was reeling in shock, hurt and bewilderment.

It was a freaking joke for Pete’s sake. A playful humorous joke and no more.

Just recently I found myself in the exact same situation. It seems for the last few months Pinky has been making what she thought were light-hearted comments to someone she thought she was close to. It seems she was wrong again and instead of the recipient believing my jokey comments were all in the name of good humour, the victim of my verbosity has been silently stewing in resentment until the coffee percolator finally blew its lid and scalding liquid has spewed forth blistering Pinky’s sense of reality.

Despite attempts at an apology Pinky has once again been given a serve and is now questioning whether she should ever speak out loud again… to anyone.

How do I know if I’m being overly familiar? Invasive? Impolite? Inappropriate?

Am I suffering some sort of deficiency in conversational subtlety? Just like an immature child, or someone on the Autism Spectrum am I incapable of discerning other people’s feelings adequately?

Or is it that some people need to grow a thicker skin?

What do you think?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What if Abbot makes us all live like Old Age Pensioners?

                                       What Pinky would look like as a pensioner.

If our Prime Minister, Mr Abbott is suggesting the S.P.C. workers drop their yearly income by $20 000 - $30 000 (lowering some workers wages to $33 000 p.a. in order to save the company), what’s next?

Teachers? Nurses? Tradies? Shop Assistants?

It’s a bit brazen for someone who earns a reputed $340 000 a year don't you agree?

If my pay packet dropped by $20 000 a year my life would transform considerably; in fact I’d have to live like an old age pensioner.

With this in mind, Scotto and I decided to spend our “date day” on a sort of budget; pretend we were old aged pensioners and see how it turned out.

Normally we’d ask one of the kids to drop us into the city for our epicurean odyssey but as no Poinker teenagers were to be found on Saturday morning we decided a taxi, about a fifty buck fare, was far too extravagant and we should catch a bus. 

We sat in the sun at the bus stop for at least twenty minutes with our innards cooking in the steamy heat and just like a lettuce leaf in a lunchbox left in the sun, Pinky’s carefully blow-dried hair wilted, sticking to her forehead in long, greasy strands.

If I was a pensioner I’d have a neat, grey perm though so I suppose the dripping tendrils wouldn’t be as noticeable.

Scotto had suggested we drop in and check out the latest installation at the Art Gallery as firstly, it’s free and secondly, it was still too early to have a glass of wine as the only bus we could catch had us in the city before noon.

The last exhibition we went to was outstanding so I was looking forward to it. Little did I know but Scotto had cunningly hoodwinked me by neglecting to mention the gallery was currently hosting a Lego display. Sharing the usually peaceful gallery with a multitude of squabbling rug rats was not the cultural event I’d had in mind. I nearly left him in the playroom but he was too tall to be allowed in.

             The Millennium Falcon (according to Star Wars expert Scotto)

Once Scotto’d had his fill of geekism we strolled across the bridge to the Yacht Club for lunch.

Just when I thought we'd escaped my husband's youthful fantasies I then had to wait inside by myself for a good ten minutes when someone noticed the chef's car parked outside... dammit! 

                           "KITT" from Knight Rider

Noticing the Yacht Club members' prices for meals were five dollars cheaper, it was clearly imperative we join up immediately. 

That’s what pensioners do isn’t it? 

Look for the bargains? Join clubs? 

At fifty dollars a year membership fee, I’d recoup most of that by bringing my kids here for dinner in one night. It knocked ten dollars off our meal bill there and then!

Despite developing seasickness by merely standing on a pier, Pinky is now a card-carrying member of the Yacht Club.

Inspired by this turn of events we crossed back over the bridge after lunch to join the local Rugby League club and have a bit of a spin on the pokies since that seemed a very pensioner-like thing to do.

Three minutes later, when we’d been stripped of our ten dollar futures investment we decided to head on over to the beer garden across the bridge where our friends, Dolly, Julie and Val were ensconced. 

It was time for a bit of a turn on the dance floor to the elderly band, 'The Reclining Rockers' who cater especially to the hipsters. When I say “hipsters” I mean people who’ve undergone hip replacements.

The ambulance is always on standby in case someone becomes overexcited and throws their back out whilst jiving to Status Quo’s, “Roll Over and Let Me In”.

Before long it was time to farewell our mates and catch the late bus home.

                             Scotto bidding Dolly an affectionate farewell...

All up the cost of the day was a $6.00 return bus fare, $10 pokie fee and a $12.00 meal of fish and chips each. That sounds reasonable for a pensioner’s all-day outing, doesn’t it?

Add in the drinks and membership fees though and we may have to start thinking about re-mortgaging the house.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Survive A Swimming Carnival!

The logistics of organising 700 kids into freestyle, backstroke and breast stroke races, booking an adequate amount of buses, begging for crucial parental volunteers, setting up tents and micro-managing rosters is no easy feat and our P.E. teacher at school, Alan, is a veritable genius when it comes to this type of organisation. 

It may very well have been a Freudian slip, not a typo, when our Deputy Principal sent out a group email one day addressing him as Anal instead of Alan.

It pays to be extra nice to Alan around the time of year when he’s busily coordinating the rosters for the 'Dreaded Swimming Carnival'. If you manage to draw the short straw you could end up as a “Team Manager” in the bleachers supervising a couple of hundred manic and well-chlorinated kids as they scream out their war cries like an agitated, drunken crowd at an Arsenal vs Manchester United football match. Your eardrums wind up peeling, then spontaneously detaching themselves by the end of the day.

Pinky was given a reprieve this year and was delighted to discover her favourite P.E. teacher in the world had rostered her on to one of the more prestigious duties. ‘Time Recorder’ was the official job description I think. 

Kaz and I were commissioned the dual task and were sat under a shady tent at a satisfactory distance from the uproarious mob.

I think Alan has finally noticed that I am indeed one of the oldest teachers on staff and am really verging on ‘frail little old lady’ status and thus took pity on me, God bless his little Adidas socks.

Not to say Kaz and I enjoyed a cushy day while our colleagues slaved in the sun. There were moments of intense pressure as every two minutes the eight top swimmers lined up for us to record their name, sport’s house and swimming time. We thought we had it down to a fine art until one little girl threw a curve ball.

“House?” I asked her as she stood dripping before me.

“Sixty-eight Park Drive,” she replied radiantly. I was thrown into confusion; it was hard to hear with the riotous background noise.

“No sweetie… what’s your HOUSE?”

“Sixty-eight Park Drive,” she repeated gazing patiently at the stupid teacher.

Kaz, noticing the exponentially expanding line behind the little girl interrupted.

“No dear, what’s your house colour?”

“Um… well it’s a sort of a greenish-grey with a white front door,” she answered thoughtfully.

I don’t know how but we managed to hide our giggles until she’d gone.

The day miraculously finished dead on time and after a more subdued bus ride home than on the way there, I bumped into one of the little grade three-ers on her way out the school gates.

“That was the best day of my LIFE!” she squealed.

So thank you to all P.E. teachers around the world. You do a great job and the kids do appreciate it.

And Alan… if you’re reading this I’ll make sure I slip another carton of Crown Lager under your desk next year as well!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marge! Marge! The Rains are Here!

The wet season has finally arrived! We received more rain here yesterday than for the entire February average... and don’t we know it.

The house stinks as either the damp atmosphere is allowing previously disguised smells to emanate out of hidden crevices, OR a skittish Tom cat pissed all over our patio in pernickety avoidance of getting his precious paws wet.

I’ve had two over-enthusiastic motorists almost run up my rear end on the slippery roads and been forced to shake my intimidating fists Vin Deisel-style at them from the aggressive-looking 'Golden Boy'.

Rally driving skills are once again required as potholes the size of the Chicxulub crater re-establish themselves on the sealed-on-the-cheap roads.

Despite whinging about the lack of rain for six months, everyone suddenly begins to say things like, “I wish this bloody rain would go away, I can't get the washing dry.”

But the worst thing is, as soon as there’s a hiatus in the downpour, a menacing cloud of mosquitoes the size of crows appear, siphoning through the window, biting on the bony bits of our toes, 
making it frustratingly impossible to scratch the itch out.

We happen to live on the upper banks of a river. If you peer closely at this photo (taken from the front of the house) through a magnifying glass, you may be able to make out a trickle in the distance.

A few hundred metres along the path, the salty end of the river widens a bit.

A couple of hundred metres further and you come across the weir, where the fresh rainwaters rush over on their way out to the ocean. The weir only overflows once a year in the wet season.

I love this river. It’s in my blood. I grew up on the other side of it and used to daringly and dangerously ride a bike across the narrow weir wall in the dry season with my twelve year old friend, Lindy. Our mothers never knew.

After I gently pass away at the age of 104, whilst singing a karaoke duet of "I Will Survive" with Scotto at a Euro-trash nightclub in Ibiza; I would like my ashes to be lovingly sprinkled on the banks of this river.

The trouble is; this river has a bit of a bad name. 
The Ross River. 
The very same river the nasty mosquito borne virus, Ross River Fever is named after. 

You know… fever, chills, muscle aches, rash, fatigue, aching tendons, swollen lymph nodes, headache, especially behind the eyes, joint pain, swelling and stiffness.

I’ve known about a dozen people who’ve been debilitated by this disease and every single one of them lived on the banks of Ross River.

Scotto and I, at this very moment, are sitting in our lounge watching My Kitchen Rules whilst being besieged by immoral, winged creatures of the night who’ve casually cruised up from the malevolent, swampy depths of this very same waterway. 

Better get out the Aerogard eh, Marge?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sometimes I Just Refuse to Swallow!

“Pinky! What’s this?” yelled my mother furiously, as she stood in the toilet pointing down into the bowl. 

I peered in nervously; half knowing what would be there. And sure enough there it was… a brown, multivitamin capsule bobbing around in the water like a tiny, stubborn cork.

Mum worried about how thin my sister and I were as kids and was always forcing appalling thick, dark green, iron tonics upon us. I could tolerate those by holding my nose as it slithered down, but I had a pathological fear of having to swallow a pill. 

I’d pretend to take it by hiding it in the side of my mouth then make a speedy detour into the toilet where I’d spit it out. This particular capsule had declined the invitation of a river cruise through the sewer system out to sea and I’d been sprung.

There seems to be an art in swallowing tablets without carrying on like a pork chop but I’m afraid I’ve never mastered it. 

Usually, I stand at the sink for at least three minutes with a full mouth of water and the tablet swishing around inside… daring myself to just do it. 

Eventually the swallow reflex kicks in but my throat closes up in terror causing the tablet to become stuck halfway. Panicked gagging ensues and the tablet is inevitably sicked up like a cat regurgitating a hair ball. 

It’s not a very nice thing to hear... or witness. The family’s anxious enquiries died off long ago on hearing the awful retching, recognising it’s only Pinky in the kitchen attempting to pop a Panadol.

Imagine my horror when I picked up my prescribed medication on Saturday and espied these monsters, which appear to have been designed to be ingested by some type of equine animal.

                      I put one against the car for perspective.

So far I’ve managed to get one out of six down the cake hole. The first was by crushing it up and unsuccessfully mixing it with a half glass of milk. The crunchy, bitter remnants stuck in my teeth and repeated on me for the next few hours.

I tried mixing a crushed tablet with some crunchy peanut butter in order to disguise the lumps. It was a putrid and abortive exercise.

“Maybe I could stick it down the back of your throat and hold your snout shut until you lick your nose?” suggested an unhelpful Scotto (who has the responsibility of giving the dogs their worm tablets).

I found this site How to Swallow Pills in Twelve Steps which provides swallowing strategies and I intend working my way through them all until I find a solution.

In the meantime, do any of you have any suggestions?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

There's More than One Way to Skim a CAT Scan.

                       Scotto helping the cat read Pinky's CAT scan.

Remember my story a couple of months ago regarding my (then) doctor’s suspicion I may have been gestating a kidney stone? Could I Be Carrying my Sixth Baby?

Well... after an inconclusive ultrasound I was sent for a CAT scan.

I was frightened when I read on the Internet they inject you with the contrast dye. In fact I didn’t sleep for the week before my appointment and drove Scotto up the wall with my neurotic, hypochondriac hysterics.

“My friend Nettie’s Aunt went into kidney failure from the dye and now she’s on dialysis for the rest of her life!” 

I spluttered at Scotto on the morning of the procedure.

“How old was she, Pinky?” he demanded.

“Eighty-something… and I admit she only had one kidney to start with… but even so!”

He had to practically push me out the door.

The next day I sat in the doctor’s surgery as she perused the results of the CT scan, attempting to read the expression on her face.

'Was I dying? Was this the end for Pinky?'

The doctor wore a troubled, almost irritated expression; this wasn’t looking good.

“Unfortunately…” she sighed dramatically. Adrenaline shot through my body, my breath quickened in fear and I tasted metal in my mouth.

“Unfortunately… the CT scan isn’t showing us any more detail than the ultrasound. Why didn’t you have the dye injected?” she asked in a slightly edgy tone of voice.

“Um,” relief flooded my body. “The technician said I didn’t HAVE to have it if I didn’t want it.”

The doctor stared at me for a few seconds of intensity and scribbled a note on her pad. She was probably writing something mean about me being an annoying patient or something.

“I’m sending you to a specialist,” the doctor said wiping her hands of me like Pontius Pilate did when he sent a certain Someone to see King Herod. “She’s a Uro-Gynecologist and should be able to sort out all your problems for you.”

So, yesterday I fronted up to my very own Uro-Gynecologist after an apprehensive two month wait.

She didn’t care about me chickening out of the contrast dye. She seemed to be able to read the CT scan perfectly.

“One of your kidneys is slightly enlarged as is the opening to one of your ureters,” she declared. “It could be the result of a few factors; stones, a congenital fault, a kink, or even a foreign body… but that’s unlikely considering your history,” she added whilst quickly scanning my form.

I was prescribed some straight forward tablets and have to schedule another ultrasound in three months. My kidney function is perfectly normal and she didn’t seem at all concerned. I practically skipped out of the surgery in joy.

I’m not dying!

However, one thing continued to puzzle and intrigue me. How could a foreign body possibly get into a ureter and why did the doctor think it was an unlikely scenario for me?

So… I looked it up.

It seems, the most common way is for a foreign body to be poked up into the ureter by the patient themselves!

I read a case of a fifty year old man who had, for autoerotic purposes, rammed a rod up his ureter and when it became stuck then inserted a magnet. That trick also failed so he did what any straight thinking auto-eroticist would do and poked another magnet up to retrieve the first. 

And wouldn’t you know it, the two silly magnets stuck together leaving the gentleman in a spot of bother.

If you think this is more of Pinky’s utter rubbish and I’m making it up, then here's the link. There are even photos for the more quizzical amongst you!

One thing I’m very relieved about however, is that my Uro-Gynecologist (after looking at my history) did not believe Pinky is the type of person who would experiment with her ureter in such an irresponsible manner.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Always the Bride and Never the Bridesmaid.

I’ve never been asked to be a bridesmaid and I’m damn sure it’s not because I look like Jennifer Hawkins and none of my friends wanted to have me outshining them on their special day.

On reflection, it doesn’t say much about my excellent qualities as a friend really, does it? Even my sister Sam, robbed me of the opportunity and highly esteemed title by sneaking off to a registry office and not even inviting me to the event.

I’ve had a lot of close and cherished friends over the years and partook of many a wedding ceremony; but no bride ever thought Pinky quite made the grade sufficiently to ask her to be a bridesmaid. .. and the boat has well and truly sailed, my friend. 

In fact it sunk years ago, was raised from the murky depths and sold for scrap metal to Auscon.

As an aficionado of pink taffeta,(You should really read this post!) this lack of recognition by my friends has always been a bugbear with me.

I was, however, asked to be the God mother of a friend’s child many years ago... which was a bit of an honour. We’d been friends since thirteen years of age and were about twenty at the time.

Then, four years later, we had a major falling out. 

A major falling out. 

We didn’t speak for twenty-eight years.

Twenty-eight years… including three marriages (okay, two of them were Pinky’s), two divorces, the birth of seven more children between us, the caring for and subsequent passing of two parents (my friend’s), and many other major life changing events, not to mention the absence of about a zillion shared wines and coffees, many hideous haircuts (Pinky) and a few hundred kilograms in transit (Pinky).

About a week ago my friend and I serendipitously reconciled. We’d been literally “caught in the rain” together and one shy smile led to another. Last night we spent a girly, sacred few hours drinking wine, eating cheese and catching up on the last twenty-eight years.

It’s funny how you can just pick up where you left off. There were many tears and much laughter as we rehashed old memories and resurrected our friendship. 

The moral of the story is... it's NEVER too late to make peace.

There’s only one thing that worries me deeply about our fortuitous reunion though… I now have a sh#tload of birthday and Christmas cards/presents to catch up on for my thirty-two year old, computer engineer God son.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pinky's Love Advice for Valentine's Day!


Hubby Scotto went out on a date tonight with his 'bromance', O’Reilly (my teacher pal).

They went to see “Robocop” at the cinema, a movie which holds about as much interest for me as a romantic candlelit dinner with a tree or a staring contest with the wall, or a sweaty roll in the hay with Mr Bean.

“What do you see in those movies anyway?” I challenged Scotto last night.

An accomplished mimic, Scotto made guns with his fingers and began to make robotic, high tech shooting sounds.

I should have known.

I’m fairly certain Mrs O’Reilly feels the same way I do and is most likely doing the same thing as me; lazing around with her feet up enjoying the solitude.

Gosh… you can’t live in each other’s pockets when you're in a relationship can you?

Time spent apart pursuing interests your partner finds unbearably lacklustre, is the first of my tips for maintaining a long term relationship.

Here are some other more original pearls of wisdom (gleaned from my own mistakes) just in time for Valentine’s Day.

1. Don’t nag.

Instead of saying, “It’s rubbish collection night tonight, don’t forget to put the bins out again like you did last Tuesday,” in a monotonous, whiny drone, try to be more subtle.

For example, you could manipulate action via your sex kitten within, by saying, “Have you put the bins out yet, sexy boy? I’m ready for bed!” whilst suggestively playing with your hair and pouting like Lara Bingle.

Or you could play the martyr… “I’ll start dinner as soon as I’ve put the bins out, fed the animals, cut up the vegetables and taken the washing in, darling. Please don’t bother getting off the couch and interrupting your Facebook conversation.”

Or use subliminal scare tactics, “There are maggots the size of crows in the wheelie bin because someone forgot to put it out last week. I hope they don’t start crawling into the house. Maggots attract cockroaches don’t they?” (Scotto is terrified of cockroaches).

2. Don’t let yourself go.

Just because those elastic-waisted shorts are comfortable don’t think your husband wants to see you sitting around in them for forty-two days in a row teamed with a baggy t-shirt and no bra. If he wanted to see that he’d have a subscription to “National Geographic” or “Granny Does Porn” wouldn’t he?

3.  Keep the mystery in the relationship.

If you wake up in the morning and retreat to the ensuite and know you’re about to execute a superb rendition of Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass Band’s Spanish Flea, close the door.


4. Don’t outwardly display jealousy.

For example; don’t have this conversation in the middle of a movie.

Pinky: “Did you know Michelle Pfieffer’s older than me? She looks fantastic for her age doesn’t she? She’s such a great role model for us oldies.”

Scotto: “Is she really?”

Pinky: “What do you mean? She looks fantastic or older than me?”

Long pause.

Scotto: “I don’t know.”

Pinky: “Actually, in certain lights she looks a bit jowly and dried out, don’t you think? She’s clearly had work done.”

Long pause.

Scotto: “I don’t know.”

Pinky: “Do you fancy her?”

Scotto (nervously): “She’s alright I suppose.”

Pinky: So you like Michelle Pfieffer then? How can you like her? She looks like a duck!”

All movies starring Michelle Pfieffer are from that moment on, black-banned from the house.

5.  Don’t forget to express affection every day.

“Hello my darling boy! I love you so much you smoochy, coochy, poopy-headed doo-doo! Come and give me a big kissy, cuddly pie my precious little baby.”

That’s me, greeting Pablo the Chihuahua when I get home from work, whilst Scotto touchingly shuffles in the shadows of the doorway watching on dejectedly.

Make sure you share the love around. It’s not all about the dog.

6. Treat him like a king.

When you’re cooking up a couple of steaks/enchiladas/chicken breasts, always serve him the biggest and choicest cut. If you happen to accidentally drop the best one on the floor, serve it to him anyway. He won’t know and he’ll appreciate the gesture more than you know.

7.  And finally my last piece of advice, whatever you do, under no circumstances, if you value your relationship, don’t ever, ever, ever…

Oh shite! Scotto’s back from his movie night already! Have to go! I missed him!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone xx

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pinky's Organisational Tips (Give-away!)

As the five kids grew bigger and smellier, Scotto and I had a crack at instigating some level of order into the chaos. 

Tired of sorting out huge piles of laundry every day we installed pigeon holes in the laundry so that as soon as clothes were carelessly yanked off the line they were to be placed in the appropriate hole until the assigned child took them upstairs to their bedroom to be neatly hung up.

What happened was this.

Then we bought another set of allocated shelves for any school bags/books/clutter belonging to the untidy teens we found lying around the house on a daily basis.

The shelves would inevitably be overstuffed with mud-caked joggers, odd rubber thongs and a plethora of smelly football socks with the odd school lunch rotting in darkness at the back.

We took to placing signs in obvious places reminding the kids about social niceties such as flushing the toilet, not slamming doors and doing their own washing up.

It was the latter which caused the most contention.

“Why don’t you get the dishwasher fixed Mum!” they’d whinge. Lulu even dobbed on me to her grandmother, complaining about having to perform slave labour by doing the washing up because I was too cheap to spring for dishwasher repairs. In those eight years after it broke down, Lulu probably actually did the washing up… let me see… um… oh that’s right… never.

In fact, I could count on one hand the amount of times any of them ever did the washing up.

Why didn’t I bite the bullet and have the bloody thing fixed?

Because I needed a place to hide things from the kids.

Now that the kids have grown up and don’t spend much time at home, I feel it’s finally time to make life easier for Scotto and me. I’m going to buy a brand new dishwasher as I’ve investigated the role of dishwashers and their ability to save energy (electrical and human).

Of course I will have to teach Scotto how to load a dishwasher properly and I foresee the odd clash of opinions but what the heck.

I have a pack of Finish Qantum Power Gel Balls to give away to the first (Australian only sorry) person to leave a comment on this post.

The second comment on the post will win a twelve year old Miele two-drawer dishwasher and this wonderful prize is open to anyone… even if you live in Timbuktu. 

*Conditions Apply

The winner of the Miele dishwasher must come and collect it themselves and clean up all the cockroach poo that’s been collecting underneath it for the last twelve years.

Friday, February 7, 2014

How being a Primary School Teacher can Destroy your Self-Esteem!


I was on playground duty the other day and a rather candid Grade One-er approached me with her head cocked to one side staring at me from under her long lashes. I smiled at her indulgently. Those little ones are so cute.

“Are you old?” she enquired with all the delicacy of someone slamming a blackboard ruler into my face.

“Apparently,” I replied after a few seconds stunned silence.

There was not much more to say.

I recall a couple of years ago some older girls strolled up to me in the playground. “Excuse us for asking Mrs Poinker… but are you expecting?”

I burnt that dress as soon as I got home… burnt it dead.

“What are these?” asked a curious eight year old one day, as he pressed the bulging veins on my wizened, thin-skinned hands with intense interest. “My Grandma’s got them too!”

Another time a young boy vigilantly ogled me with a wary look on his face the whole time as I read the class a story using my most dramatically expressive voice and facial expression. I thought he was interested in my excellent rendition of Roald Dahl’s “The Twits”.

“You look like Cap’n Jack Sparrow,” he lisped in horrified fascination when I finished the chapter and put the book down.

I was mortified last year when one of my boys greeted me in the morning with his frank, albeit blunt comment, “Are you tired Mrs Poinker? You have really big bags under your eyes! You need to go to bed earlier.”

Then I remembered I used to say the same thing to him when he arrived at school after staying up all night watching the State of Origin with his dad.

I used to be miffed when the kids accidentally called me “Grandma”. Now it doesn’t worry me anywhere near as much as when they accidentally call me “Grandad”.

On another happier note, please note the excellent Avatar my darling husband Scotto, created for me to replace the out of date profile picture I’ve clung to for the last twelve months.

There doesn’t appear to be a jowl, wrinkle or grey hair in sight! I only look about twenty-five! At least someone still thinks I look okay. Those overly forth-right kids know nothing!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Cats in the Cradle have Silver Spoons in their Mouths.

                  Pinky... so happy to spend time with her scowling kids.

My kids arrived seems like the other day
They came into the world in the usual way
But they cost a lot there were bills to pay

They learned to walk and soon moved away
And they’d smart mouth me back and as they grew
They’d say never gonna be like you Mum
You know I’m never gonna be like you

And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon
C’mon sing along cos you know the tune
"When you comin’ home son?"
"I don’t know when but it might be close to ten
You know that you're nagging me again."

My son turned nineteen just the other day
He said, “Thanks for the cash now I’m off to play."
"Can I come too?", I asked. "Not today
You’ll cramp my style." I said, "That's ok."
And he walked away but my smile never dimmed
I said, "I'm gonna always love him, yeah
You know I'm gonna always love him"

Well, he came home from Uni just the other day
So much like a man I just had to say
"Son, I'm proud of you, can you sit for a while?"
He shook his head and said with a smile
"What I'd really like, Mum, is to borrow the car keys
See you later, can I have them please?"

(Some things don’t need changing)

I've long since aged, my kids stay away
I called them up just the other day
I said, "I'd like to see you if you don't mind"
They said, "We'd love to, Mum, if we can find the time
If you take us to dinner and you shout us too
Then we might spend time with you, Mum
We sure might spend time with you.

And as I hung up the phone it occurred to me
It’s my only guarantee
My kids' love is not for free.

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Monday, February 3, 2014


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I read in a newspaper recently that General Practitioners are in the firing line because patients take affront when they look things up on Google while the patient is still in the room. I’ve had it happened to me and it didn’t bother me. 

I’d rather they check the medication they’re about to prescribe, than for me to wind up lying on the kitchen floor with my legs twitching in the air like a baited cockroach. As long as he or she wasn’t checking for information on Wikipedia.

However, I would draw the line at my doctor running back and forth from the computer, waving a cold speculum around whilst performing a pap smear on me.

People, even doctors, shouldn’t be expected to know everything.

The same must be said for primary school teachers. Or perhaps I’m speaking for myself.

We’re learning about the subject of plants this term and I thought I’d take the kids for a stroll around the periphery of the oval to look at leaves, roots and other botanical things. Someone picked a flower from a tree and handed it to me.

“When a flower is pollinated this part of the flower swells, the petals fall off and it transforms into a fruit!” I informed them knowledgeably. “Then seeds grow inside the fruit, the fruit drops to the ground and the cycle starts over again.”

I was on a roll with all eyes riveted on me. “Do you know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?” 
I challenged, knowing this titbit would blow their minds.

“A fruit has seeds whereas a vegetable doesn’t.” I waited for the inevitable discussion about tomatoes.

There was silence. Finally one bright spark raised his hand, “So a banana isn’t a fruit, Mrs Poinker?”

I stared hard at the small boy trying to think of an answer. In my mind’s eye I imagined the pulp of a banana rotting in the soil. Surely a banana is a fruit. But I’d certainly never cracked a tooth on a banana seed.

“Pumpkins have seeds!” added another.

“So do cucumbers and capsicums!” chimed another.

It seemed I was out of my depth. The eight year olds had outwitted me and were circling like hungry hyenas.

As soon as we arrived back in the classroom, I surreptitiously logged on to Mr Google while the kids put their hats away.

“Does a banana have seeds?” I typed, feeling ridiculous.

And guess what? They don’t have seeds. They used to but now, according to Dr Karl, “The internal dark lines and spots inside today's banana are the vestigial remnant of seeds,” and the seeds were bred out of them many years ago for commercial purposes. But they’re still a fruit.

As for all those other vegetables the kids were throwing at me (not literally)… they’re technically fruits as well, but from a culinary perspective they aren’t sweet so they’re vegetables.

Google came in handy this morning too when a student came in rubbing her throat and complaining her cat had scratched her. “I was asleep,” she whispered confidentially to me. “You know how cats think you’re dead when you’re asleep and try to eat you? Well my cat tried to eat me.”

I was fairly sure this wasn’t true but I Googled it just to make sure.

This is what I found!

A cat will begin eating a human body just a few hours after death. Even if the cat has plenty of food.

* This FACT about cats was brought up during a presentation of crime scene photos by a homicide detective at Eastern Michigan University. He said that it was common for cats to do this. He mentioned he has never seen a dog eat human flesh, but it probably would too if it got hungry enough.

Cat's just like fresh meat a lot more.

I knew it! (I'm not going to credit my source because my cat's looking over my shoulder licking its lips.)


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Who Decides on Who has Real Talent Anyway?

It makes me really, freakin cranky when I see sub-standard crap being praised on the media/internet whilst clearly talented musicians, writers, actors, artists are consistently overlooked most often due to nepotism, contacts and hype.

Scotto went into paroxysms of gladness this arvo because the sultry North Queensland sky finally decided to open its retentive bladder and provide us with some long lusted after rain!

“Let’s go to the Riverside Tavern and watch the water falling from the sky!” he enthused like a true ex-Melburnian.

So off we went to sit by the river and savour a couple of cold ales staring at each other in boredom with nothing to discuss but what level of overflowing our pool would be at.

Imagine my delighted surprise when the afternoon’s entertainment proved to be the acoustic guitar playing genius and undiscovered talent of Jeremy Romeo. 

“Here we go…” I thought as we sashayed in and I saw the ginger in rubber thongs and a singlet. 

“We’ll be in for some off-key renditions of Cold Chisel and rubbish of the like.”
I couldn’t have been more wrong if I’d said NAPLAN would be phased out by 2014… (Bloody stupid thing should be...)

My point is… this boy blew us away with his appealing tonal quality, his understated demeanor and his ability to make us put our glasses down and listen the f%#k up.

It worries me that there is much raw, unbridled talent out there in the world that’ll never see the light of day!

I watch the big stars playing live on Sunrise and frankly they sound like a bunch of sh#t. They can't actually sing unless they're produced to buggery! Then you listen to an unknown guy playing his itty-bitty guitar, singing like a nightingale and not hitting one bung note. Who has the talent I ask you?

So please take a look at this twenty-two year old’s work and tell me he’s not bloody awesome!

Like his page and support these jewels amongst our midst!