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Friday, July 29, 2016

Suing the Government for Wasting my Time!

I tried the Pokemon Go thing and ran out of balls in 15 minutes.

I lost interest pretty much ten seconds after that and deleted the app before the bastards could find out stuff about me. 

I don’t want the FBI to know which pharmacies I go to buy my Nicorettes and hormone replacement therapy ointment from, thank you very much.

Frankly, I had more fun chasing the cat which appeared on my screen while I was chasing Shitapoo or whatever it’s called. I almost caught the cat mind you. Not that it was a challenge as she’s as fat as a butter ball lately.

But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think people who are playing this game are stupid...

But I do think if the players of Pokemon Go want to get paid for having lots of spare time for doing fudge all, they should spend their energy on getting a job at the Australian Electoral Commission so they can sit on their sweet heinie all day and play Pokemon Go to their heart’s incontinence* because that’s clearly what the people in the aforementioned public service department do there all day long in that silly, silly place.

I say this because despite sending the bloody updated information in February that we had MOVED RESIDENCE, we still received a notice of prosecution today for not voting in the recent elections from the STUPID idiots that run our previous electorate… even though we VOTED in the Tamborine (2000 kms away) electorate in MARCH and JULY and that is precisely our EXACT address where the FUDGEWITS sent the painfully knobbish infringement.

How hard is it to do your bloody job, twits?

I HATE the STUPID BUREAUCRATS who runs this dumb country! Now we have to waste our time telling them THEY'RE IDIOTS.

I hate that. I have far better things to do with my time.

It takes a lot of energy being angry and I think I’ll sue. I know people. In fact I know at least seven Sues who can be real bitches when they want to be. You should NEVER mess with a Sue. I say this from bitter experience.

I mean… how difficult is it to see you are sending a ‘failure to vote’ notice to someone who DOESN’T EVEN HAVE AN ADDRESS IN YOUR ELECTORATE? Surely that would ring a dingly dangly fudging bell? Even if the imbecile belfry was empty or filled to the brim with Gloria Jean’s cappuccinos and Krazy Kreme donuts (or whatever they’re called)… surely something would twig?

Who pays the postage for these ludicrously inane notices?

We do, that’s who pays my friend.

Who pays the incompetent public servants who have wasted their time publishing and sending these silly missives?

Us, the tax payer pays, that’s who.


On another note, does anyone know of any public servant vacancies because I reckon I’d be really good at it.

* I know.