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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pinky: Proof that Fairies are Real!

When Lulu was about four years of age and her brothers were busy at soccer training I would take her for a little stroll down to the river to watch the ducks and turtles. There was a little inlet in the banks of the river.

Fairy pond

“You know that fairies live here, Lulu!” I told her one day. There was even a tree with a ‘fairy door’ for the comings and goings of the pixies. 

Fairy door
                     Yes! (sigh) I know. It looks like a vagina. Grow up!

I would hide a tiny present wrapped in tissue paper in my pocket and secretly drop it on the ground for her to ‘discover’: a present from the fairies.

The ‘fairy gift’ was usually something akin to a sparkling bracelet, a pot of face glitter or a spangled hair tie.

After a few weeks of this Lulu eventually turned to me lisping kindly,

“Mummy, I don’t like the presents the fairies are giving me. They’re ‘girl’ presents.”

… so much for my elation at giving birth to a girl after four boys; little tomboy.

I’d like to share a short home video my creative father made of my sister, Sam and I when we were about four and seven years old, respectively (circa 1967). I clearly remember the entire day it took Dad to film it.

It’s about a bossy fairy (Pinky) who assists a dysfunctional and possibly intellectually impaired bee (Sam) to find some honey; because the bee for some inexplicable reason can’t do its job properly.

You must pay particular attention to the creative improvised dances by both the fairy and the bee. Also note the preoccupation with scratching, due to a prolific amount of mosquitoes hanging around on the day!

And if you are reading this Lulu, I went for a walk down to the river today and guess what I saw in our favourite tree!!!

 I told you fairies are real!

Fairy at the fairy door!
                                 Click on the image to get a closer look!

PS: I still LOVE my little sister xxxxxx

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Pinky and Scotto Make a Movie"... not that kind of movie! - "Pinky Stalks Don Draper"

The world première of "Pinky Stalks Don Draper" produced by Scotto is now available here. Please feel free to share if you enjoy it.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pinky's Eagle has Landed

                               Hagar and Theon

As a prospective mum you endure nine long months of nausea, a leaking bladder and general discomfit. This is followed by at least five years of physical exhaustion chasing after an errant toddler whilst trying your hardest to teach them about the imminent perils of the big wide world. The middle years are a mild reprieve but then come the bitter-sweet agonies of the teenage years.

At some point you have to dust off your hands and grant the human being you have created the freedom to follow their own dreams. It’s challenging, but that moment inevitably arrives and today was a perfect example of allowing a chick to literally fly from the nest.

After a build-up of near on two weeks, twenty year old Hagar finally went through with his adventurous scheme to parachute from a plane. The Beavis to his Butt-Head in this grand folly was his long term buddy, twenty-one year old Theon (who is one of the nicest young men you could ever meet).

Theon’s Mum Denise and his Auntie Christine, were down at the beach cheering the boys on, as were Hagar’s girlfriend Meggles, Hagar’s dad Ralphie, and big brother Thaddeus.

The entire experience was too mind-numbingly terrifying for me to relate so I hope you will click on the link below to watch the (very brief) documentary Scotto has kindly created for your enjoyment. :))

Also, thanks to Chelsea from Longboard’s Bar and Grill for being such a good sport!