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Monday, October 7, 2013

Princess Lulu Returns! Pinky sings a song.

Click on the MP3 above to hear Pinky singing this song! (Sorry it won't work on mobile only desktop or laptop!)

In honour of Lulu's return from a netball tour of the U.K. I penned a song to celebrate her return to Boringsville.

Looks like heaven

From my window

Now we’re landing

I can see Ross River

Back to real life

Back to work and school

Heading back to Brownsville

Where it’s hot not cool

Townsville Shire… Castle Hill

It’s the place… time stands still

There’s no action… ‘Boring Central’

Coming home, country town.

All my memories… on my iPhone

All my money, spent on clothes and snow globes

No more fun times, painting London red,

English boys and netball

Might as well be dead.

Country town, such a bore.

Crappy shops… I need more.

And I’ll have to… see my momma

Don’t like home… anymore.

I hear her voice

Every morning when she calls me

Reminding me and nagging me to pack my lunch.

As we hit the tarmac I just get the feeling

That I wish it was still yesterday… yesterday.

Country town… you’re so lame

Everything… just stays the same

Now the tour’s done, life is over

Goodbye friends and netball games.

Study time… all day long

U.K. trip was my swan song…

Welcome home Princess Lulu!