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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Village Idiot Goes Missing.

                               Lulu on the train into the city.

I’d already annoyed Lulu in the departure lounge at the airport by showing her funny memes and asking, “It’s funny, don’t you think?” over and over and over. 

That must be why she sat beside me in the plane with her earphones determinedly stuck in her ears and her eyes shut tight for the two hour plane trip.

I was a bit lonely... but I read the latest health magazine and made a few silent, but probably futile, resolves for 2014.

Lulu was no doubt cranky with me for chipping her about the outfit she’d chosen to wear on the plane; or rather, the lack of outfit.

I spent a lot of my time at the airport glaring, in what I hoped was a menacing way, at the filthy perverts eyeing my seventeen year old daughter up and down when they walked past us.

We caught a train from the airport into the city and when we finally emerged from the station lugging our suitcases behind us we found ourselves on the same street as the hotel we’d booked.

“It’s a really long street,” I sighed peering down one end then the other. “I wonder which way we should start walking?”

Then I suddenly looked up and miraculously there it appeared. Our hotel was straight across the road. Bazinga!

“Are you here for any special reason?” asked the bubbly blonde at reception.

A slow, slightly smug grin spread across my face, “Oh… my son is graduating from University tomorrow.”

“How wonderful! What’s he graduating in?” asked Blondie pleasantly.

“Law,” I replied, as humbly as possible.

Well? She asked didn’t she? It’s not like I was bragging or anything…

Jonah, the law graduate in question is still surviving on a poor University student pittance and was on the blower about thirty seconds later inviting himself to a free lunch with Lulu and myself.

         "You look like a turtle!" were the first words she said to her brother.

                            Pinky, with her son the lawyer.

We walked off our excess calories by wandering around the Modern Art Gallery at Southbank (Jonah’s idea), whilst Lulu trailed behind us uncomplainingly, but possibly bored out of her brain.

Best afternoon EVER!

It’s seven o’clock and Lulu and I are vegging out quietly in the hotel room but I just had the most unexpected and peculiar call from twenty year old son Hagar... 
over one thousand kilometres away at home.

“What are you cooking for dinner tonight, Mum?” Hagar asked.

I could have sworn I told him I was going away for a week??? Or did I?