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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Is there a lawyer in the house?

I don’t think we’ll be seeing a shortage of lawyers in the near future. Yesterday we watched Jonah receive his law degree along with 339 others at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

The Chancellor of the University delivered his speech and then we clapped three hundred and forty times as each recipient (very S-L-O-W-L-Y) stepped up to shake his hand. Jonah was one of the first which meant Pinky lost interest in the proceedings fairly quickly. At one stage I leaned over to my ex-husband’s lovely wife, Arlette, and dramatically mimed slitting my throat. She nodded in agreement rolling her eyes as if to say, “Kill me now!”

Finally, the last graduate had received their diploma and Arlette and I began joyously fishing around on the floor for our handbags but were quickly and disappointingly stymied. 

Oh no… some old judge was yet to give another long-winded exposition on something to do with political landscapes and legal ramifications blah, blah, de-bloody blah.

When the ceremony had finally finished, I woke up my Dad and we all shuffled out into the foyer to await the arrival of the golden child, Jonah, in order to snap some photos of him in his academic gown.

                              Jonah and Pinky

Jonah’s father Ralphie, was so enormously proud of his second son (who is following in his legal eagle footsteps) it almost brought a tear to my eye. 

                           Arlette, Jonah and his Dad, Ralphie.

                                                         Granddad and Jonah

We quickly absconded to a wonderful restaurant (Jonah had booked) which had the most amazing menu and delicious wine and one I will definitely be bringing Scotto to next time we get down here on holidays.

          (L-R) Nana, Arlette, Granddad, Pinky, Lulu, Ralphie, Jonah

In terms of a family celebration… I’d give it a nine out of ten!

This morning I woke up and assumed it must be… oh, seven o’clock. It was still dark but I felt somewhat refreshed.

I peered at the clock on my phone… Ten-Forty-Five!!!!

Half the day was gone! I haven’t slept in for that long since I was a teenager.

I staggered out of my room to discover Lulu, still deep in dreamland.

(I hope Scotto isn’t reading this and seething with jealousy. Apparently Pablo the Chihuahua kept him up all night last night looking for his mummy.)

We managed to get our act together, met up with Lulu’s gorgeous friend Lily and hit the shops.

                         Lulu and Lily spending up big!

Much more funner than a two hour stint in a Graduation Ceremony.

The girls put up with me for about two hours until they finally grew tired of being nice and let me loose in David Jones while they caught up on the real gossip (not the watered down version).

                                      Get lost Mum!

Can’t wait for tomorrow… I’m getting a new haircut!