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Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Make a Banana Costume

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Whilst I’m not the nail-biting, uptight, perfectionist, 'A' type personality, I am a bit of a negative thinker. 

I tend to spend a lot of time having lucid visions about an impending disaster of the Final Destination genre magnitude.

Have you ever seen those Final Destination movies?

There’ll be a guy running along with a pair of scissors (which we all know you should avoid doing) when he suddenly slips on a banana. The scissors fly up into the air slicing the cord suspending the ceiling fan. The rapidly rotating ceiling fan clatters down on a platter of knives (which were perhaps used to cut up the banana) and one of the knives flies up, stabbing the guy in the eye right through to his brain and he dies a horrible, lingering death...

I have those sort of scenarios going through my head every day. For example; a young, hot woman (Pinky) is driving along the highway beside a massive truck which happens to be transporting a fleet of brand new primary-coloured Hyundai Velosters to a car dealership. A kangaroo unexpectedly hops out in front of the truck which sharply swerves because the truckie is a vegetarian animal lover and doesn’t want to hurt a small furry marsupial. He crashes into a light pole which violently splits in half and spears into the cabling holding the cars on to the truck. The cars cascade off the truck at great speed and hurtle straight towards my (the hot woman’s) gloomy face in the windscreen, beheading her in an instant...

Despite this somewhat pessimistic and catastrophist view of life I still tend to live on the edge. I have a terrible habit of leaving everything until the last minute. Perhaps I’m subconsciously addicted to the rush of adrenaline and gnawing panic or something… who knows? However, in the interests of my cardio-pulmonary system I’ve decided to reform… a bit.

This time last year I was in a state of alarm because my class of nine year olds were about to perform a play in our local Eisteddfod and at the eleventh hour I still hadn’t procured the two vital sea monster costumes we needed for our pirate extravaganza.

                        Scotto modelling the sea monster costume!

It’s still two weeks away until this year’s class of young thespians grace the stage with their gala performance of ‘Mergatroid’s Adventures in Bananaland’ and I’m happy to inform you I’m already on top of the costumes.

I have six bananas, six slaves, eight munchkins, a witch, a hunchback and two narrators to outfit, which sounds daunting I admit.

The slaves were easy; the kids could wear some raggedy old clothes. The munchkins could wear black jeans, t-shirts and silly wigs and I already had a witch and old monk costume (as you do)… but the bananas were throwing me a curve ball. 

How was I going to be creative, innovative and inspired by such a simple fruit? It addled my tiny brain and kept me awake, tossing and turning in a lather of sweat every night for weeks.

Until, that is… I had one of my best Pinky revelations.

Bananas look a hell of a lot like sea monsters don’t you think?

                         Students modelling banana costumes!

On another note my husband Scotto, has launched a brand new photography blog (it's not a competition he keeps reminding me) and it would be lovely of you to pay him a visit! Scott Weaver Photography (he's using his maiden name!)

Have you made any dodgy costumes for your kids?
Do I write too many posts about bananas?