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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why my Dog will Never be Famous!

“What the hell is that ad about?” I griped every time the Ergon Energy telly commercial with the llama came on last night.

“Maybe the llama is supposed to be like the grim reaper or something,” mumbled Scotto, annoyed with my endless, picky complaints.

“But that’s just bloody stupid. Why would they use a llama for fudge’s sake?”

“No idea, Pinky” he sighed with an unnecessary element of irritation in his tone.

Not wanting to ruin Scotto’s Friday evening, I decided to ask my trusty and patient friend, Googlishis for an answer and you won’t believe it but Scotto was correct.

The Brisbane advertising company who concocted the ad apparently decided to use a llama dressed up as the Grim Reaper to frighten people into being more careful when working near electricity in the house.

Why a frickin’ llama though? A bit obscure don’t you think?

Here’s their justification…

Marianne Harvey, creative director at Clemenger BBDO Brisbane, explains that llamas are natural sentinels.

Says Harvey: "They're used by sheep farmers to warn flocks of danger. Plus, those big, black eyes stare directly into your soul. How could you forget a look like that?"

I don’t know about you but I’ve lived in Queensland for over fifty years and have never seen a wolf stalking sheep….

I’ve never spied any llamas cavorting around the sugar cane fields either for that matter.

Somebody clever left an astute comment on the site,

“Somehow I think the natural sentinel qualities of Llamas will be lost on Joe average at home.”

It seems Pinky is a Joe Average.

Couldn’t Clemengers have chosen a native Queensland animal to drive the message home?

You know, like a Grim Bandicoot, or a Grim Cassowary?

I mean… if they insisted on using a South American animal they may as well have used a Chihuahua as the key protagonist.

This Chihuahua perhaps…

Grim Chihuahua

We could have finally made money out of the useless woodland creature.

He eats us out of house and home you know. Scotto reckons he’s made of dark matter because he’s incredibly heavy for something so small.

I saw a dog on the telly yesterday making a mint for his owners by having his photograph taken dressed up in men's attire.

Why can’t we have a dog with a Linkedin profile?

Oh… that’s right. Our dog has no class.

Warning: The following contains offensive material especially for anyone under 18 or over 25. Also… anyone with taste.

Pablo the Porn star

I hope this isn’t too graphic but if you look closely you’ll notice Pablo’s amour is merely a pillow and not another woodland creature.

What's the weirdest ad you've seen lately?