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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pinky's Original Sin!

Happy Birthday Kaz

It was two am when the taxi dropped me home this morning. 

I’d been out with the girls at Kyles’ place to celebrate my friend Kaz’s birthday.

We’d had a great time and I giggled quietly at the memory whilst fumbling with the combination lock on the front door.

“Who the fudge turned all the lights out?” I hissed. 

Hopelessly fumbling with my phone to throw some light on the combination numbers, I gasped as it slipped through my fingers and landed with a thwack on the concrete. 


But it wasn’t broken.

Eventually, after several unsuccessful code insertions, I hit on the correct numbers. Taking care not to let the cat slip past me and breathing heavily, I made it inside the house.

The very last thing I wanted to do was wake Scotto. He can be a cranky bugger when he’s woken from his slumber. 

Scary even. 

Besides, it was two o’clock in the morning and it was best he was not alerted to this fact.

I took off my heels and tip-toed up the stairs blindly feeling my way along the banister and wall; one false step and the game would be up.

Carefully I opened the bedroom door. Celine the fox terrier sat up in bed with her ears pricked. “Shhhh…” I whispered. 

Scotto snored peacefully.

There was one particular thing on my mind. A shower. I urgently needed to have a shower to wash away the scent... 

The musky scent of another guy.

If he smelt it when I slipped between the sheets my life would be over. All trust and loyalty would fade away and our relationship would be irrevocably altered… forever. 

I couldn’t let that happen.

It wasn’t my fault you know. He was irresistible. I couldn’t stop myself gazing into his gorgeous black eyes from the minute I saw him across the room. 

He had the eyes of a pirate.

I slipped off my dress and patiently waited for the shower to warm up; the shower that would wash away my sins. 

My wicked indulgence, my transgression would soon be lathered away with Dove Beauty Bar suds and circle the drain before being swept out to sea, far, far away.

Once satisfied my debauchery had been eradicated I emerged, carefully dried myself and slithered between the cool sheets. 

I felt him nuzzle against me and sigh in contentment, oblivious to my betrayal.

‘I’ve done the right thing. He will never know’ I thought in guilty relief. 

Pablo my Chihuahua will never know about Jasper, Kyle's Japanese Spitz.

Jasper who spent ALL night humping Pinky's leg!

Pablo: The real love of Pinky's life.

What's your favourite breed of dog?

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