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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stop with the Crap!

The Bachelor

Stop, stop, stop with the crap!

Every time I turn on the television someone is talking about what a cad the “Bachelor” is for dumping the girl he proposed to on a fake television show, using phoney wannabe models in a simulated scenario. Why is this tripe even in the news?

Number one… who cares? It’s fake! To call this a ‘reality’ show is like saying ‘The Office’ is a documentary because the actors look at the cameras. 

Number two… isn’t this vitriolic, relentless attack on Blake the Bachelor akin to the ‘bullying issue’ the media is always more than ready to sweep up and run with on any available front page? I call hypocrisy and it’s gone too far.

For my own reasons I didn’t watch ‘The Bachelor’. They were pretty much the same reasons I don’t and won't watch that banal program where dreary, unattractive people are locked up together in an artificial house for a period of time and proceed to progressively stab each other in the back Brutus style until only one winner remains. Yawn.

I get more entertainment watching my fox terrier chase a fly around the lounge room. Honestly... it's hilaire.

Or that equally fudge-witted show where a select group of ordinary blokes dress up as geeks and are matched up with made-up ‘beauties’ who pretend to be as dumb as dog sh#t and then magically fall in love with the transformed ‘geeks’.

How stupid do the television executives think Australian audiences are? No wonder piracy is rife...

Can we please get rid of this mind-numbing swill and get back to some quality drama or comedy.

Grandma Pinky is retiring for the night with a good book before the pus in her brain crusts over and her head caves in.