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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween or Hallowwhine?

The standard horde of vampires, werewolves, ghosts and ghouls descended on Poinkerville last night scaring the dogs shiteless and providing a welcome interruption to our usual Friday night feast of garbage reality twat on the telly.

I had the lollies prepared already. 

Halloween lollies!

I’m not one of those whiny, whingey, pain in the arse people who say, “Oh, but it’s an American thing! Why should we celebrate it?”

Seriously, who gives a rat’s bum if it’s an American tradition? Cute kids come to your door and you hand out a few cheap lollipops. If you can’t get with it just go out or put a sign on your door and shut the hell up.

My kids never did it because I don’t think it had become the done thing back then but if that’s the way the world’s going I think I can live with it. I think there are far worse things to get irate about, don’t you? At least it gives us a short reprieve from the Christmas stuff coming out in October!

People are too ready to complain these days.

One thing I will say, is that every single kid who knocked on our door was exceptionally polite and well spoken. One of the boys even shook Scotto’s hand after he’d had a bit of a chat about photography with him after admiring Scotto’s camera.

“It’s not about how expensive the camera is,” quipped Yoda Scotto. “It’s about the person behind it.”

There was only one awkward moment when I brazenly asked one young boy what he’d do if I opted for trick instead of treat.

“Come back and kill you,” he replied with a convincing snarl.

I gave him an extra chocolate frog just in case his name was Jason.

We asked permission from the accompanying parents if I could publish the photos on my blog and they were all quite agreeable.

No one asked me what my blog was.

Just saying…

Anyway, here are the photos and remember… however grumpy you think Pinky is, I would never begrudge kids a bit of fun.

In fact next year we might dress the dogs up and take them trick or treating! I wonder if they sell Cujo costumes on eBay?

And where were all my kids? Over on Magnetic Island at the Full Moon party imbibing in lollies of a liquid kind of course.