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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Dog's Life

 “What's the matter, Pinky?” Scotto asked me yesterday as I choked and sobbed in bed watching this video on my lap top.

The cynic in me wants to believe it’s a set up but I know in my heart it’s not.

Dogs do grieve. I remember when I was a kid we had a Doberman Pinscher. When his long term companion, Zorba the poodle passed away, he tore up an entire single mattress they’d slept on together. He was never the same.

I’m a dog lover in case you hadn’t noticed.

Back at the beginning of writing my blog almost two years ago I wrote two tongue in cheek posts about why I love my dogs more than I love my teenagers.

Here and here!

Here’s part three…

Why I Love my Dogs more than I Love my Teenagers

All my dogs will want for Christmas is a $5 cow hide bone not ‘Just give me cash and don’t worry about a card’.


My dogs don’t put on a load of washing and leave it in the machine for three days.

My dogs don’t keep me awake worrying all night when they go to Full Moon parties.

My dogs don’t leave their hair straighteners on all day when everyone’s at work.

My dogs don’t speak to me from three rooms away and expect an answer.

My dogs don’t agree to take palm leaves to the dump for me in their Ute on Saturday, and then go away for the weekend instead.

My dogs don’t eat all my roast capsicum dip without asking.

My dogs don’t go out and leave the back door wide open.

My dogs don’t use my ‘delicates’ washing bucket as a spew bucket after Full Moon parties.

My dogs don’t give me scathing looks as they pass me in the hallway.

My dogs don’t go out wearing Band-Aid sized miniskirts against my wishes.

My dog would never get a loan from Cash Converters for a tattoo.

And finally...

My dogs always come straight away when they’re called to dinner.

Did the video at the top affect you? Are you a dog or cat lover?
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