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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

For the Price of a Jar of Vegemite...

How often do you buy Vegemite? Once a week? How much does it cost? About 5 bucks?

Forget about putting the Vegemite on the shopping list this week, I’m sure there’s enough leftover in the tub of margarine for the kids to scrape out anyway.

Did you know that for the same price you could click on this link and purchase my brand new eBook and have it instantly delivered to your electronic whatsit?

Or what about that outrageously priced cappuccino you have three times a day?

 Download Pinky’s book, put your feet up, have a bit of a laugh and relax instead.

“Why the heck should I fund your drinking habit, Pinky, you great big hack?” I hear you ask.

Ten percent of any monies made will be donated to UNICEF so if you think my writing stinks at least you haven’t completely thrown your five bucks out the window.

Here’s the latest review:

"It’s so much better than any of those other anecdotal books. The fly story is the funniest in the world."

Okay. It was my sister, Sam who wrote that review BUT… she had to buy a copy. No freebies happening around here.

When I say it’s my latest review, it’s actually my only review but that’s only because I noticed a mistake straight after it went up on Amazon and we had to republish it.

I informed my sister that she’s in possession of the world’s only flawed copy and that one day she might be able to sell it for a fortune. She didn’t look all that impressed, particularly when she noticed I hadn’t mentioned her in the acknowledgements and all she’s ever wanted in life is to be mentioned in the acknowledgements page of a book.

I’ve been checking the sales every fifteen seconds and so far only one person has taken the plunge.


One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever know.
Two can be as bad as one… (but not in this case…

two would be marginally better)

It’s the loneliest number is the number one.

Just as a comparison I found some other things that cost $5.

A packet of Little Mermaid stickers...

A poop cushion...

A five dollar meal from Maccas…

There’s no comparison really when you think of the blood, the sweat and the many glasses of wine Scotto had to drink to drown out my whining while I wrote this.

At least if no one buys my eBook it won’t end up as landfill.

It will just float around in cyber space like a lonely, inflatable meerkat wondering where all Pinky’s friends and family were when she put it up for sale on Amazon here

All those friends she’s been there for when they needed her to go out and drink with them...

All those family members whose nappies she changed and cooked spaghetti for and bought flash cars for.

“Where are you all now that I need you?” the desolate meerkat will cry into the empty expanse until finally, he bursts and shrivels away into a small brown lump, never to be heard from again. A tiny innocent soul abandoned in the bleak, cold Kindle cloud...

Have you had enough of me yet?

Buy my bloody book and save a child for fudge's sake!

Here's the link in case you missed it!

So You Want to Date a Teacher?

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