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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Am I a Vain, Narcissistic Blogger?

When I look back at some of my posts over the last (almost) two years I wonder what opinion you've all formed of me.

Vain? Self-promoting and big-headed? 

After all, almost every post features a photograph of Pinky in some form or another; my grinning dial Photoshopped onto someone else's body by my ultra clever husband, Scotto.

Barbie Pinky

Devil Pinky

Leprechaun Pinky


X-Rated Pinky

Pamela Pinky

Pinky of the Damned

Pinky McGonagall

Ellen Pinky

Catwoman Pinky

But along with those glamorous Photoshops are some fairly unflattering ones.

Humpty Pinky

South Park Pinky

Buried Alive Pinky

Dame Pinky

Wilma Pinky

Pinky and Kel

Cranky Pinky

Pablo Pinky

Porky Pinky


Don Draper's Bride- Pinky

If you're bored and you'd like to see a silly lip-sync video Scotto and Pinky made about Jon Hamm aka Don Draper click  here if you dare!

Santa Pinky

Fairy Godmother Pinky

Aged Pinky

How Pinky's students see her!

Really Old Pinky.
Whistler's Mother Pinky

These are just a few of Scotto's Photoshops and if you look closely most of them have used the same one or two photos.

 I'm sure you'll agree... the man needs a round of applause.

So... am I a narcissist or just a crazy nutcase?