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Friday, April 17, 2015

My Blog is Not My Diary

I saw this meme the other day and frankly it gave me the shits. I’m fairly certain the person who posted it wasn't directing it at me… or were they? Who knows?

The thing is, my blog is far from a diary. If it were my diary, this is what would happen:

The men in white coats would come and lock me away in room where I’d sit, rocking in a corner and sucking my thumb maniacally for the rest of eternity.

My husband would divorce me on grounds of my utter stupidity and annoying tendencies.

My kids would hate my guts and they’d never let me take their photo again.

My dogs would sue for defamation of character and breaking privacy issues.

My cat would ring cat helpline and dob me in to the authorities.

I’d have NO friends whatsoever.

The blogs I read, aren’t diaries either.

There are informative discussions and amusing anecdotes by the doyenne of Australian blogging, Mrs Woog at Woogs World. She's my favourite.

Tantalising recipes and side stories on brilliant blogs such as, Veggie Mama and House Goes Home.

Persuasive essays on current topics at Handbag Mafia and hilarious satire on Mumabulous and Hugzilla Blog.

I could go on forever. I really could.

I don’t read rubbishy magazines anymore because I’m far too entertained by real women writing real stories, not unreliable sensationalism about who’s bonking who and which celebrity just had a baby and named it Space Shuttle, and I’m not paying money to read them either.

Many years ago, a former friend had a very bitchy, public jab at me for using too many ‘big’ words. It hurt me and embarrassed me at the time, mainly because that’s part of who I am. I’m not being pretentious, I just happen to love words.

Plus I'm a bit weird... but I can't help that. 

It's what makes me, me and I'm not ashamed of it anymore.

 I enjoy the process of writing and creating something which may or may not be entertaining to others.

Of course bloggers want other people to read their work. 

If someone brings a meticulously decorated cake into work they want everyone to admire and eat it, don’t they?

Because that’s what it is to us bloggers; our creative energies expressed in words. 

It shouldn't be something others, who are not inclined towards reading blogs belittle and I’m getting bloody sick of it. 

Would you pick on someone in regards to their penchant for using multi-syllabic words?