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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Force Awakens Review: No Spoilers


NB: If viewing on phone turn phone to landscape.

In a galaxy
 just down the road
 in a nice cinema where you 
are allowed to take a glass of 
wine in with you, I saw the latest 
episode of Star Wars. I’d been dragged 
there by mhusband who giggled in excitement 
as the opening credits rolled onto the screen and I 
knew it was probably going to be a very long two hours, twenty 
minutes with a lot of anxious, whispered interrogation from myself as to 
which sister, mother, brother, cousin, robot, hairy creature each character 
represented. I knew there’d be a lot of jokes I didn’t get and that the only actor I’d 
recognise was Harrison Ford because the last Star Wars movie I watched was way back in 1977 when episode four had just been released which doesn’t make any bloody sense no matter how many times I have it explained to me. So, all in all it was pretty good especially the part where I got to watch every single man in the theatre sprint to the toilet and back because they didn’t want to miss one second including my husband who I’ve never seen move so fast in my life. Go and see it because the new robot is quite cute, the lead actress is great and there is no sign whatsoever of Jar Jar Binks in the entire movie which can only be a good thing. 4/5...