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Thursday, August 29, 2013

North Queensland's Got Talent... The H Factor!

Introducing the gorgeous Harriet Dyer (in character)!

During the fifteen or so years I taught speech and drama and was the director of a youth theatre company, I would sometimes detect a particular spark, an extra glimmer of talent in one of the kids.

When you go on stage to collect your Oscar in years to come you’d better mention your old teacher!” I would solemnly command whilst they laughed and promised earnestly to remember me.

Well guess what? I’m thinking my dream may one day soon become a reality!

I first met her when she was two; sitting in a shopping trolley inspecting me suspiciously with her Siamese-blue eyes.

“She’s gorgeous!” I commented to her heavily pregnant mother, Dolly.

“She’s evil!” retorted Dolly, “A little witch.” Dolly was clearly well and truly over her pregnancy coupled with the exhausting effort of running after two young daughters.

The sapphire-eyed Harriet did look a bit of a handful though... I thought quietly.

Fast forward about six years and I was delighted to be consigned the job of teaching drama to all three of Dolly’s kids.

The eldest, a multi-talented Maddie, took on all the lead roles in our plays until finally she moved on to greener pastures allowing her diminutive sister Harriet, to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, dazzling us all with her energy, vitality and unique ability.

Both girls could sing like nightingales and I’m guessing this talent sprang from their father’s genes as from my educated guess, Dolly shares the same singing ability as me… the ‘did someone just step on a cat’s tail?’ type of tonal quality.

Nevermind; the beauty genes originated from her mum.

For many years Dolly and I would tearfully watch Harriet climbing the stage stairs to collect award after accolade and, self-effacing to a fault, she always remembered to graciously thank the cast and crew. Since she left for the big smoke I’ve been following her evolving success in the Australian theatre and television industry from afar.

Scotto and I watched her vivacious, highly skilled lead performance in the Bell Shakespeare Company’s “Tartuffe” last year and I think our Harry may have learnt a few more tricks since treading the boards under Pinky’s direction.

Every time I see her in a national advertising campaign I’m straight on the blower to Dolly,

I saw her! I saw our Harry!... Did she really shave half her hair off?”

She is about to hit our screens in an upcoming television series, ‘Love Child’ and in a typically humble way credits her success to her local training in plays and musicals.

I’m telling you now… this stunning girl is going to win an Oscar and you heard it here first.
And you know what? I’ll be so proud I won’t even mind if she doesn’t mention me in her acceptance speech.

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