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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pinky's Wild Side!

I wonder if people who live overseas really do think we have kangaroos hopping around in the streets and crocodiles in our backyard pool here in Australia?

The thing is…. they really wouldn’t be that far off the mark. Even though the Poinkers reside in the heart of suburbia in a city of almost 200 000 people, because we live on the banks of a large river we often spot wallabies and kangaroos hopping cheerily across our front lawn. 

Even more bizarre... the council put a sign up about eighteen months ago three hundred metres from our front door step warning of a saltwater crocodile sighting in the area. The fear of a crocodile possibly lunging at me from the grassy riverbed forced me to take the Chihuahua out for a walk as accompaniment so I had something to offer as bait other than my torso.

I’ve seen huge flocks of enormous pelicans floating on the river and even a little echidna creeping out of a thick clump of grass one dusky evening.

My sister Sam, who lives around the corner, has a sassy family of possums who visit the back patio each night and allow her to hand feed them.

My parents, who used to live in the same suburb, found a dead Taipan in their backyard and there’ve been more than a few times I’ve been stopped on the path whilst on my walk around the river by someone lethargically cautioning me, “There’s a bloody snake up ahead, watch out.”

I have a friend on Twitter by the thought-provoking name of Slow Country Cowboy (“Slow” for short).

Slow hails from Nashville… home of country music, the Grand Ole Opry, Honky Tonk bars; and according to him he saw some very interesting wildlife when he was grocery shopping one day.

Recently, I tweeted I’d seen kangaroos swimming around in my backyard during the recent downpour and I’m not sure Slow believed me so… on my walk today I braved the insidious plague of blood-sucking mozzies and stood on the river bank for as long as I could stand it in search of the elusive wallaby or two.

As you can see by this photo I was successful and have since tweeted him the photo.

Now it’s Slow’s turn.

I want to see the proof of Slow’s alleged sighting of Nashville’s very own wildlife… Keith Urban shopping at the Piggly Wiggly.