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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Being True to Yourself Will Help You Find Your Soul Mate.

I met my husband, Scotto on the Internet... much to the dismayed and outraged discontent of most of my family. 

Even now, ten years later, my father will say things like, “I can’t believe how well you did meeting a good man like Scotto on the iPad.”

iPads hadn’t been invented back then… but whatever.

A decade ago, on my online dating site profile, I was asked to provide details about myself. Things like… what’s your favourite book? Movie? Song? Band?

I’d spent forty-three years of my life telling lies. Forty-three years pretending to be someone I wasn't just for the sake of meeting my handsome prince, just so people might find me sociably acceptable... and it hadn't worked.

It was time to tell the truth.

My favourite movies I listed were Zoolander, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Dumb and Dumber.

I know.

Teenage boy humour. Non-intellectual drivel. Not exactly Casa Blanca or some other esoteric, intellectual classic are they?

But I didn't care. I was being true to myself for once in my life.

So now, ten years further down the track I get to sit and laugh at stupid movies with my brother-from-another-mother/lover/best friend.

I never dreamed I’d be married to my best friend. I thought that was make-believe.

Just goes to show how it pays off to be honest, huh? Otherwise you're gonna keep on meetin' people you don't really like. Know what I'm sayin'?

Which is why the pair of us can't sit and watch a serious movie like Pompeii without dreaming up an obscure meme to accompany it.

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Do you regret not being true to yourself in the past?