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Friday, August 29, 2014

How an Introvert Copes at ProBlogger.

                                Lee-Anne from Is it just me?

Apparently I’m an introvert. I’ve always been one but over the last 9 years I’ve been shielded from this fact by having the same job, the same friends, five of my own creations living with me and my wingman, Scotto. 

I’d forgotten how timid I am in social situations. Especially social situations where I can’t hide my reserved nature behind a chilled glass of Mexican fire water. 

The first session at the ProBlogger conference went off like a bottle of wine at an A.A. meeting; excellent speakers and a delightfully friendly event-management blogger by the name of Lulu Perez to sit next to and chat with.

I missed my blogging bestie, Lee-Anne from the famous Is it just me? blog (who couldn't make the conference this year) but I could make more friends... couldn't I?

When the crowd of 500+ delegates milled out to the lobby for morning tea my head pivoted around in desperation. ‘Where the hell are my blogging buddies,’ I thought.

There were groups of elegant ladies draped all over the chairs; a sea of unfamiliar, scary faces. Not scary because they were ugly or anything. Just scary, scary.

I bustled myself out to the hotel foyer in search of someone, anyone to talk to… I sat down on a chair in the foyer, alone and awkward… Mrs Nigel No Friends. Peculiar Poinker. Creepy Lonely Pinky.

Tears were but a blink away. 'What sort of sook are you?’ I growled at myself. ‘You’re a bloody grown woman. Get out there and mingle.’

Instead, I texted Scotto. ‘I’m sitting by myself in the lobby because I can’t find anyone to talk to. I want to buy a coffee from the lobby bar (even though there’s a complimentary morning tea provided next door) but I haven’t any money in my purse. I want to go home. Waaaah!’

He swiftly sent a sympathetic reply to his lily-livered wife, trembling in her melodramatic angst like a Chihuahua in a thunder storm.

‘Bugger it!’ I thought after smelling the tantalising aroma of coffee wafting around me, and dragged myself up, striding purposefully back to where the networking action was happening, the action I’d made the long trip down to the Gold Coast for.

“This is an awful place for introverts,” coughed a fit looking lady standing behind me as I nervously balanced my coffee cup and handbag trying not to spill it over someone like a complete loser.

It was Liz from the Fitter Liz blog and she was just the lifeline I needed.

A few minutes later Kathy from Yin Yang Mother popped her pretty head into our conversation and then the lovely Sophie from The Mother Load joined in.

Suddenly my forlorn and wretched disposition did a 360 turn around. I could do it! Pinky could pretend to be a normal person after all.

But next time I decide to attend a ProBlogger conference I’ll be bringing a friend… and not just a photo of one.

Janet from Middle Aged Mama , Pinky 
and Lee-Anne.

       Kathy (Yin Yang Mother), Emily (Have a laugh on me),

       Emily (YLSNED) and Denise (Denise Mooney)

                             and Lee-Anne!

                 Kathy, Pinky and Sophie (The Mother Load)
                               and Lee-Anne!

Do you get shy in crowds of strangers?