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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Do You Have a Fetish?

I know it’s an impertinent question but do you have any fetishes?

The only reason I’m asking is because it’s come to my attention I may have been sustaining the desires of disciples dedicated to a curious but popular fetish on my blog.

One of the most frequent search term themes I’ve spotted in my blogger stats are surprisingly podiatry in nature.

Phrases like, “sexy bunions”, “i like bunions”, “attractive bunions” and “erotic feet” appear almost daily.

It seems the Pinky Poinker blog has become a bit of a ‘Porn’ ‘Corn’ site.

I’m fully aware this is the result of a fatuous story I posted last year focussed on my bunion, Paul. 

But who knew Paul would prove to be such a stellar attraction to my site?

Or should I say… Pauline.

Now I’m not the sort of blogger who’d take a cheap and nasty route to gain more pageviews. Neither would I, dare I say it, prostitute any of my innocent appendages, exploiting them for my own personal gain.

Gosh! That would be a heinous abuse of power.

Besides, Pinky is no stage mother.

But on the other hand… who am I to stand in the way, to hinder any progress in the career of my much admired bunion, Paul Pauline.

So I went about today doing some absorbing investigative research and discovered, you’ll be charmed to know, there are quite a few well-established and enchanting ‘bunion fetish’ websites on the Internet. No... I don't mean your run o' the mill foot fetish sites, I mean bunion fetish sites!

Who’d have thought?

How could Pauline compete? I wondered. How could she stand head and shoulders above the other corn stars? Did she have the X factor?

Well ladies and gentleman, I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Pauline Corn Star Gallery. 

 Prepare to be seduced by one saucy and sexy bunion…

(18 Years and over only)

                                                Whimsical Pauline

                                                                 Exotic Pauline

Country Gal Pauline

                         Sassy Pauline

                       Call me sometime Pauline!

Makeup- Pinky
Photography- Scotto
Wardrobe- 4B Craft Cupboard