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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Pinky's cast and crew choose to stay at Tailwaggers Retreat

Improvised Selfie Stick

It’d be a bit slack of me to not post on the first day of 2015 so even though I feel a teeny bit seedy and one of the dogs just passed wind right beside me making me feel even queasier, I guess I’d better make the effort.

When we arrived at Tailwaggers Rainforest Retreat I thought I was in heaven. 

The clouds were sitting all around us and Celine the fox terrier and Pablo the Chihuahua assimilated to the northern New South Wales ambiance immediately.

Celine and Pablo

Naturally, we bring protection when we go on holidays.

Safe practise protection against scrub ticks.

One for me and one for Scotto… jokes.

Yesterday, I met Kathy from 50 Shades of Age for coffee at Burleigh. She looked exactly like her photos except even tinier and was as bubbly, vivacious and interesting as her blog. The blogging community has opened up so many genuine friendships for me with bloggy buddies all over Australia.

Kathy and Pinky

I bloody love it.

“So where are you staying, Pinky?” asked Kathy.

“Tailwaggers,” I replied, nonchalantly slurping my coffee.

“You’re really staying at a place called, ‘Tailwaggers?” she said incredulously. “I thought you were kidding.”

“Nup, we had to put the dogs in kennels so we thought we might as well stay with them.”

Seriously though, it’s an amazing place with views over the Tweed Valley and out to Coolangatta.

This is our kennel unit.

The dogs have their own private little fenced yard but can still say hello to the neighbours.

Even when they're butt ugly... though sort of cute.

We can bring them into the unit whenever we want and they have a doggy door flap to run in and out whenever they like if we go out without them.

While we were out yesterday, the retreat owner Tony, mowed our lawn and Pablo the Turducken went off his nut barking so Tony chased him in the doggy door by blowing the leaf blower up his bottom. 

I might buy a leaf blower.

There’s a winery around the corner where we went for a late lunch yesterday and someone may have bought a carton of Chardonnay even though one of her main new year’s resolutions was to quit wine.

Someone told them Pinky was coming.

Er...that's not for taking home, Scotto.

Today we spent all day driving around looking at real estate on Mt Tamborine with my parents.

Have I mentioned that we’re planning a move down to the Great South in 2016?

There’s only one house we liked: their house. They have a weekender up there and it’s perfect except for being just a smidgeon too small but lends itself to possible extensions.

Just think... if I was a writer I could sit up at Mt Tamborine like Judith Wright the famous poet did and pen the Great Australian Novel!

The glass observatory where I'd do all my very serious writing.

I’m taking Mum and Dad to lunch tomorrow and we’re preparing to make an offer.

But Dad can be a tough negotiator so wish us luck.