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Monday, January 30, 2017

Pinky's Default Post!

Sometimes I feel like I need to write a post so that the last post I wrote is less visible.

I feel like that all the time, really.

I worry about who is reading this blog and what they’re thinking about me as a person. I’d hate to be taken out of context.

Occasionally I feel I might come across as a bit of a twit to a brand new reader. I’m sure you’re shaking your head right now thinking I’m exaggerating and I’m being over dramatic again. “Who would think you’re a twit, you silly, adorable thing?” I hear you laugh.


Anyway, here’s my default post in case prospective employers search for what I get up to on social media.

Hello Pinky Punksters!

Today I awoke from my slightly dishevelled but sanitary cotton-sheeted bed and liked everyone’s posts on Facebook except for the rude ones and the ones where people swear. Swearing is only for the Devil’s spawn. It’s a disgrace what people say these days.

I avoided reading the Reddit conspiracy site I’m addicted to because I realise it’s just a waste of my precious time and I read about really inspiring educational themed stuff instead. Stuff about how to conduct guided reading sessions and literacy sessions and stuff about how to write with a plum.

I didn’t think one awful thought about what was on the morning telly and tweet about it in an arrogant fashion and instead I researched how apparently some people drink too much alcohol.

It’s shocking. Where is their self-control? People like that should seek help. There are countless places one might seek support. Private message me and I’ll share some links. No one is judging you.(Personally, I never touch the stuff except for a sip at a wedding or christening occasionally.)

Then I cleaned my soap dish in the shower with an environmentally friendly bread knife and then air dried my hair whilst reading more stuff about education and differentiation.

I didn’t look at Twitter at all.Twitter is evil.

I did some more research on how to spell differentiation and it turns out that the way I spelled it is correct. Hooray for me. But I’m humble so don’t praise me for that. I just have a bit of a gift for spelling.

I didn’t scream at my husband all day (except maybe once but he deserved it) and I certainly didn’t have any dead chickens in residence as of 6:45 pm.

I hope you all had a fun and wholesome day like I did.

If you like I will send you a recipe for chocolate basil and oregano infused brownies.

Thanks for calling by.

Love Pinky. Xxx

P.S. I will message you privately with future posts.