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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Understanding and Dealing with Bitchy Women

Our new chicken Lyanna is the black hen this side of the fence, Margery is at the far back, eating a newspaper.

We didn’t have enough chickens so we bought another one. This one is called Lyanna Mormont and she entered the big hen house two days ago.

Margery Tyrell, the redhead, acts like a complete bitch towards her and Lyanna is banished to the upper perch of the coop for fear of being pecked to death by Margery and also by the sharp-beaked queen of the coop, Brienne of Tarth. 

Brienne of Tarth digging for worms

The spiteful hens won’t let her near the food or water and she is snubbed and vilified just for being there.

Whenever we let the hens out for a run of the backyard, poor, slandered Lyanna is forced to hang out with the two dumb cluck, uncool chickens, Joffrey and Theon. They’re quite daft but very sweet and accepting of her. They’re already on the bottom rung you see and have no agenda.

Lyanna, hanging with the Silkies

It’s a bit like the “loser” group in high school really.

It’s interesting that the pecking order of chickens resembles real life scenarios so closely.

There’s often one bitch in a group of women that lords it over all the rest.

One venomous and malicious power monger who calls the shots; one old boiler that uses her power to influence who is, and is not, accepted into the flock.

It’s fortunate that when we are faced with the reality of bullying and meanness we can always turn towards the meek and mild in the lower echelon. Or we can just fly the coop.

Occasionally, one of the leading hens is taken down (resigns/gets the sack/is transferred) and then there is a new opening for another hen to move into a higher position and sure enough, someone is always waiting in the wings.

But sometimes I think it’s better to just hang around with the meek and mild, unpopular group.

They might seem plain and a bit boring at first but they’re a lot nicer. They tend not to gossip and support each other instead of taking others down.

Apparently if you introduce a rooster into the flock the bitchiness stops immediately because when too many female chooks are working together without a male, the stronger females compete to be the leader.


It’s a pity we aren’t allowed to keep a rooster.

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘A hen who acts like a rooster is often invited for dinner.’

It’s worth thinking about.

Have you ever been ostracised by a group of bitchy women?