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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pinky and the Two Amigos

About three weeks ago Pinky (me) invited Celine the Fox Terrier to write a guest spot which proved to be a popular and widely-read post. Thank you very much Celine. If you would like to read or recap you can locate the article … here

I can unequivocally assure you that Pablo and Celine have since become BFFs and happily eat and drink from communal food bowls, sleep together, share the abundance of doggy toys and regularly play a fairly brutal game of nippy tag in a V8 lap fashion around the house. This is somewhat of a surprise to many considering the jealous and possessive nature previously displayed by Celine.

Apart from some improper and tasteless humping of his fluffy pillow on Pablo’s side of things, canine conduct has been travelling swimmingly.

Pablo the Chihuahua humping

I recall when I was about twelve years old the family pets were similarly chummy. We owned a couple of miniature poodles named Ping Ping and Zorba who were mother and son and they too were lucky enough to be ‘inside’ dogs although not on same level of freedom as Pablo and Celine. 

Both dogs were very canny, as poodles notoriously are.

We didn’t realise just how canny until one morning when I feigned illness to get out of going to school. After giving me the usual hard time my mother eventually accepted my pretence and left to drop off my siblings. 

I was lying in bed thinking about what daytime TV I’d get to watch and as I heard my mother pull out of the driveway I heard the dogs begin to bark and yelp. Frenetic scuttling down the long tiled hallway ensued, followed by loud snuffling and snorting sounds. 

Curiously intrigued I crept out of bed and tiptoed towards my parent’s bedroom carefully pushing open the door.

“Hey!” I shouted in surprise. 

The two astonished poodles froze and stared at me clearly knocked for six. They had obviously assumed the house was empty as it always was when my mother pulled out of the driveway. Without a word from me they guiltily slunk from the bed looking as shamefaced as a dog is able.

“I’ve always wondered why my bed was such a mess when I got home after school drop off.” commented my mother when I told her about their diabolical trickeries. 

Another time when Mum was taking us to school I had to run back inside to retrieve a forgotten item and found both miscreants grazing on the breakfast leftovers on the dining room table.

Now in order to prevent tiny (incontinent) Pablo free run of the carpeted area upstairs, Scotto built a little barrier at the foot of the stairwell. 

Celine is big enough to hop over if she needs to and it’s very convenient to leave him downstairs when I need to grab something quickly. 

Yesterday while I was upstairs doing just that, I heard the scampering of puppy feet. How did he manage to get over the barrier? I puzzled. 

After a vigorous re-enactment it all became clear. His partner in crime, the Bonnie to his Clyde, Celine was (like a true comrade in arms) pushing the barrier aside to he could squeeze through. Crap! 

Celine and Pablo negotiating the barrier.