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Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinky goes bacterial!- A really bad post!

I woke up this morning to a glorious day; superfluous actually! The sun streamed through my bedroom window and I contentedly watched the dust motifs dancing in the rays.

Trotting down the hallway and pausing at teenage son, Padraic’s door I knocked before peeking into his bedroom. His room was empty but what greeted me was beyond my apprehension. 

His room was spotless, neat as a pin; perhaps this was an optical conclusion? It was certainly an unparalysed event in the history of Padraic’s endeavours to get on my good side.

Then, moving on to daughter, Lulu’s room I was again surprised to see that she had left her room in the same state. Was this a pigment of my imagination?

But… I divulge. Back the subject.

Firing up my laptop I waited patiently to check the pageview stats on my blog. I wondered if the outrageously hilarious antidotes I've written about my family had gone viral overnight. 

Don’t worry, I don’t have ellusions of grandeur, but you never know. The stats page was up… oh Lord, I had over 100 000 pageviews in one day. I literally died!

Does this mean I’ve become infamous?

Hello… what’s this here, an email from my father. I love my Dad and he has been a big effluence on my writing but sometimes he can be a bit channel visioned.

Dear Pinky, (he wrote)

I’m sorry I said your blog was a waste of time and you should do some serious writing. I agree now that it was wrong of me to say you aren’t funny and that no one wants to read about you because you’re a nobody.

Love Dad. X

Ha! Yes Dad, I thought. I remember everything you said about my writing because I have a photogenic memory. Okay, I might not be writing a fast action cliff-dweller but I am a bit amusing.

I’m on fire Dad! You’ll need to get out a fire distinguisher to put out my flames now!

Then I woke up… it was all a dream.

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