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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Twenty Things I Miss about Growing up in the Sixties and Seventies

1. Archie Comics

When we were kids Mum would take us up to the book exchange every school holidays where we'd stock up on Archie, Casper and Little Dot. 

What was your favourite comic?

2. Spirograph
I pestered my parents for ages and finally got a set one Christmas.

3. Staring at the Wallpaper
My Dad wallpapered every room in the house with different patterns of psychedelic sixties wallpaper. I'd be so bored waiting for the television to start I'd just sit and stare at it for ages.
I think I knew them all by heart.

4. The Local Swimming Pool

The strong smell of chlorine, the little kids' pool where we'd float around and splash pretending we could swim and the ice blocks we'd inevitably eat and as they melted down our fingers and into the pool are memories embedded forever. I don't think I ever took my kids to a public pool. What a shame. 
Did you go to the public pool as a child?

5. Polaroid Cameras
Oh, the joy of printing out photographs instantly and not having to wait for two weeks to get them back from the chemist. The film we wasted...

6. The Saturday Afternoon Movie
I recall seeing the original Time Machine when I was about four. The usual fare were Elvis Presley repeats. I was in love with Elvis from the age of four.

The Morlocks

7. The Lounge Room Display Cabinet
Every house had one. Ours held the 'good' stoneware dinner set which only came out when we had guests. My grandma's was her pride and joy and was filled with photographs and trophies. What did your Grandma keep in hers?

8. Professor Sumner Miller
Loved watching this guy on the television every weekday afternoon. There was precious else on.

9. Peace Symbol Necklaces
They were all the rage in the Sixties. We'd buy them along with Maltese Cross necklaces from the annual Show.

10. Kewpie Dolls on Sticks
Grandma would always buy us one of these from the show. I always chose a pink one and my sister a blue.

They'd only last a week before we'd destroy them and use the sticks to poke each other.

11. Madge Commercials
Dad would go off his nut whenever these commercials came on. He didn't like the old woman who did the Best and Less voice-overs either.

You're soaking in it!

12. When the Avon Lady had been to see Mum
There'd always be nice things to smell.
Unforgettable and Heaven Scent perfume?

13. Mr Whippy
My brother was almost hit by a Mr Whippy van running out to it in hysterical excitement.
We'd all go mental when we heard Greensleeves coming down the street.

14. Wanting to be an Air Hostess
 To me the most glamorous job in the world was an Air Hostess. They seemed so magical! Dad forbade it.

15. Housewife Remedies
I was a horrible child and gave my mother a lot of headaches but these always came to the rescue. I think they included something with a bit more of a zing in it back then.

16. Being Allowed to Light the Incinerator

Every suburban backyard had an incinerator in the Sixties. You'd cough your way through every Sunday when all the neighbours burned their weekly rubbish at the same time. The skies would be filled with trails of smoke.

17. Going to the Drive In and Playing on the Swings at Interval

We were taken to the Drive In a lot. We'd go in our pyjamas, eat real hamburgers for dinner and nag Dad all the way through the first movie about the swings then we'd fall asleep during the main event.

18. Watching Disneyland every Sunday Night

My parents played squash every Sunday night so we'd be left at our Grandma's where we'd watch Disneyland and eat Grandad's lollies. My favourite was Fantasyland.
What was yours?

19. Going to the Movies in the School Holidays

We were allowed to go by ourselves even under the age of ten because it was so safe back then. Would you let your eight year old go to the movies by themselves now?


20. Getting a Postcard from my Grandparents

My father's parents travelled overseas a lot and we loved it when a postcard arrived in the mail. We'd send our friends postcards too when we went away in the school holidays. They'd usually arrive after we returned.
 What happened to postcards?

What are the fond memories from your childhood?

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