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Friday, January 8, 2016

Australian Movies Rock.

“I’ll only watch it if nobody gets their head cut off, dies a gruesome death or spews blood,” I warned Scotto when we were about to watch an Australian movie called, Last Cab to Darwin this arvo.

We’d been watching the entire series Game of Thrones for the second time over the last two weeks, followed up by Tarantino’s Eight Ugly Somethings and Inglourious Basterds and frankly I was sick of seeing people having their buzz cuts scalped, their ball sacks impaled and their tongues ripped out of their throats by force… not that you could have your tongue ripped out willingly or without a certain amount of force… but I am getting off the subject.

(N.B. I didn’t say ‘But I digress’ because I fudging hate that overused idiom. What? Do people honestly think they sound intelligent because they say, “But I digress’? I fudging hate that.)

Anyway, I’m off topic.

We were one quarter of the way through the seemingly innocent, bland movie about a guy on a journey( another word I hate) to euthanise himself in the Northern Territory, when out of the blue… he spews blood.


I hate blood emanating from mouths whether it be from gunshots, falling from a high building, a sword through the gullet, poison, or even from a broken tooth or diseased gums.

I think it originates from reading Little Women at twelve years of age and one of them, Beth I think, coughed up blood and promptly carked it. I cried. Oh, how I cried, and I’ve been terrified of coughing (let alone spewing) up blood ever since.

It’s my Auntie Caroline’s fault. She should never have sent me such a gory novel at the highly impressionable age of twelve.

The movie was very good despite the blood soaked spew which actually happened three times in the movie.

The young aboriginal actor, Mark Coles Smith delivered the best performance. He was deadly.

You should watch it. Despite the blood streaked vomit it was brilliant. Aussie movies rock.

Seen any good movies lately WITHOUT blood and gore?