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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pinky Poinker tells…Why Teachers Make More Interesting Lovers

So… you’ve just started dating a teacher? Well there are few little things you need to know first…

# If you ring and cancel a date due to sickness you’re going to have to give her a note from your mother.

# If you accidentally call her “Mummy” she’ll just smile indulgently.

# If she catches you playing with your balls she’s going to lock them in the bottom of her desk drawer until the end of term.

# If she catches you showing anyone else your balls she’s going to confiscate them indefinitely.

# If you don’t know how to hold your pencil properly she’ll show you how.

# She’ll insist you be in the correct position when you’re holding your pencil.

# She’ll demand you keep your pencil sharp at all times.

# If you misbehave or argue back you will be required to stand outside the door for five minutes.

# When it’s a rainy day she’ll insist you stay indoors with her all day.

# If you drop by when she’s busy doing marking she will put a G rated movie on and make you watch it without talking for an hour.

# She won’t let you go outside to play without a hat.

# Your phone will be sequestered when you walk through the front door.

# If you have a Pacer she will help you put the lead in your pencil.

# She has plenty of spare rubbers in her drawer.

# You will receive a comprehensive written report on your performance twice a year.

And what happens if two teachers get together?

Why it’s a match made in Heaven of course.