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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Princess Zoe's Eighteenth

                                   Zoe and Lulu

Why are teenage girls these days so much more beautiful than they were when I was growing up?

Lulu’s friend, Zoe turned eighteen yesterday and Scotto and I were honoured (cool) enough to be invited to her birthday party last night.

I was a bit apprehensive. I haven't been to an eighteenth birthday party since I turned eighteen. 'What goes on?' I wondered. Boys doing donuts up and down the street? Girls vomiting into garden beds? Fights?

As we walked in to the party and gazed around, what met our eyes resembled a teenage supermodel's conference. Twenty or so statuesque, long-legged, athletic beauties with waist length hair and glowing skin gracefully milled around the back patio.

“Lulu! Pinky’s arrived,” one of the Miranda Kerrs called out.

Lulu came sashaying up smiling, vivacious, glamorous and looking frighteningly grown-up. 

I’ve probably known most of these girls since they were twelve. I recall ferrying the giggling crew around in the back of my car over the past five years to birthday parties when lemonade was on the beverage list sans vodka.

Lulu, with four older brothers to deal with, never really missed having a sister with these girls around.

Whilst Scotto stood drinking beer and chatting to a group of affable, enthusiastic young men about what their future plans in life were I caught up with some of these gorgeous girls.

There was a distinct undercurrent of anticipation… excitement buzzing in the air.

School has finished. Their entire lives lay before them with so much promise and so many possibilities.

Some of them are taking gap years, some going overseas for a year, some are moving south and some are going straight to University.

Our precious baby girls and boys have flowered into such well-rounded, poised, self-assured young adults and one thing is for sure, the future of Australia will be in good hands.
                                  Zoe, Max and Zoe's mum, Sue.

                                                               Taylor and Lulu

                                 Finley and Shannon
                                                      Sanri, Nikita and Lulu