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Monday, November 25, 2013

Is it okay to re-gift unwanted presents for Christmas?

I’ve only ever re-gifted once and that incident resulted in enough mortification to last a lifetime.

We put on a party for Thaddeus when he turned four and he happened to receive two thoughtfully presented but identical “Bananas in Pyjamas” books. 

Thrifty Pinky put one book aside in a drawer for any future pre-schooler’s birthday parties Thaddeus may attend.

Sure enough, about two weeks later he was invited to another rugrat shindig... so I carefully re-wrapped the Bananas book and tucked it under Thaddeus’ tiny arm for him to present to the lucky recipient.

The next week at pre-school, the mother of the afore-mentioned child approached me at the gate wielding said book. 

“We thought we’d better give little Thaddeus his book back,” she smiled without using her eyes. Before I could recover from my spluttering seizure, she’d swivelled around abruptly and trounced off.

“How the heck did she know?” I thought in mystified embarrassment.

It wasn’t until later when I opened it up to read it to one of the kids at bedtime that I noticed the handwritten inscription inside the front cover,

“To darling Thaddeus, 

all our love from Auntie Julie, Uncle Mike and cousins.”