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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pinky's Guide to How You Know You're Getting Old


1. I remember going to the cinema when they still showed
the Marlborough Man advertisements before the movie.

2. When I get bored in meetings instead of checking
messages on my iPhone, I amuse myself by pulling those
stubborn whiskers from my chin.

3. Students in my class don’t accidentally call me ‘Mum’ any
more, now they accidentally call me ‘Grandma’.
4. I know who Donny Osmond and Shaun Cassidy and H R
Puff n Stuff are.
5. I’m always going to work with flat, lank hair because I can’t
make out the conditioner from the shampoo in the shower.
6. When I click on to my year of birth on a drop down box I 
have to scroll down a REALLY long way.
7. I have wrinkles on my knees and bat wings that Padraic 
my eighteen year old, loves to poke and make wobble.8. I know that ‘The Lion King’ was a rip off of ‘Kimba the 
White Lion’.
9. I remember when kids didn’t have names like Shaquilla 
and Shaqquinelle, they were called Gary or Barry.
10. When I was choosing a lacquer colour for my new acrylic 
nails and I chose a pretty orange shade, the archetypal
young nail technician screeched,

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