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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Procrastination... Pinky suggests we talk about it tomorrow.


It’s that time of night. Time to write my daily post… but I’m exhausted, drained from wrangling twenty-eight nine year old kids all day.
Maybe I should mark the essays about a kangaroo and an emu looking for a waterhole that my students wrote for me today…or maybe not.

There are only so many times you can correct ‘whent’ back to ‘went’, ‘firstee’ back to ‘thirsty’ and an ‘unspecified’ word back to ‘can’t’ before you go completely mental.
Perhaps I should go and clean the dog poo from the back yard before it starts to rain and the poo mixes with the dog’s moulting tufts of hair, binding irrevocably to the concrete.

Nah… it can wait until morning, there is no way it’s going to rain.
I could always go and do a load of washing before apprentice electrician Hagar stuffs his work gear in the machine, fails to empty his pockets and the multitude of rattling screws and earplugs break the washing machine again.

I probably shouldn't bother though; it looks like it’s definitely going to rain.

I suppose I could go downstairs and confront Year Twelve Padraic about being sprung wagging school. I received a letter today from his school principal listing his unexplained absences. It reads as long as a Hell’s Angel rap sheet.

No… I don’t feel like a screaming match just yet.

Maybe I could start cooking dinner early tonight… but then as soon as the kids catch the alluring aroma of frying onions they’ll start wafting out of their rooms like ravenous zombies pestering me about how long dinner will be.

I guess I could clean the filthy oven. Ha, that’s a joke. I’ve never cleaned an oven in my life unless I was moving house, so why start now?

The soap receptacle in the shower needs a crusty, hardened glug of soap scraped out of it. I could do that. 

Oh wait… I forgot to buy soap when I was shopping and we’ll need it later for our showers.

I do need to fill out my Family Tax Benefit application on line. 

But then again last time I tried to do that Scotto found me sobbing in the foetal position because the site kept timing out every three minutes.

Hmmmm…. Perhaps I’ll just have a glass of wine and write on my Blog. That’s always fun.