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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pinky Discovers how to Melt a Teenager's Heart.

Mexican Standoff with Teenagers

Something weird and bizarre is taking place in this household. Yesterday when I was sitting on my bed, laptop open and typing a post, eighteen year old Padraic flopped down on the bed and chatted to me pleasantly for about half an hour whilst playing with the new puppy. 

This remarkable occurrence would normally only eventuate if one; he was attempting to fleece me of my hard earned cash or two, he was in some sort of dire trouble with his teachers, the motor vehicle registry office or the law. 

Immediately after Padraic left who should unceremoniously meander in to the bedroom and lay on the bed beside me but sixteen year old Lulu. Again, unless she is trying to persuade me into allowing her curfew to be extended or asking if five of her friends can sleepover on Saturday night I don’t usually warrant an audience with Princess Lulu. 

Stranger still, yesterday, out of the blue Hagar’s normally reticent girlfriend Meggles nonchalantly sat down with Scotto, me and the puppy for a twenty minute chinwag. 

 Ten minutes ago twenty-three year old Thaddeus unexpectedly rang and asked if he could pop over for a visit and dinner.

Could this precipitous display of teenage sociability possibly be the result of the arrival of our new family member? Could it be the baby Chihuahua Pablo cracking open the hardened exteriors of their teenage hearts and allowing the gooey centres to seep out for a change?

It must be said that all of my kids have been perpetual animal lovers. Padraic and Lulu went through an exasperating stage at about nine and ten years of age when they became passionately fixated on dogs. 

Every afternoon they zealously leashed the German Shepherd Borat, and Silky Terrier Willy, and dragged them off to the dog park no matter how inclement the weather might have been. 
What am I complaining about? I hear you ask. 

Well it may have been a good thing apart from the fact that both dogs caught kennel cough and hacked all night like three pack-a-day smokers for several weeks.

Eventually the other dog owners suggested to the kids that they stop coming to the park as feisty little Willy kept starting brawls with the other mutts. Instead they took the dogs for walks along the river and would inevitably return from these forays with an extra furry friend in tow. I never discovered whether Padraic and Lulu were deliberately enticing the dogs out of their yards or if they really were strays. The amount of times Scotto and I had to haul a large hound into our car and drive out to the dog pound ceased to be funny after number four.

They quickly transferred their doggy mania on to other preoccupations but our new puppy Pablo is clearly a current attraction. 

Honestly; gazing down at the tiny creature snuggled beside me as type this post, I could easily imagine that Pablo could singularly inspire world peace. 

The rat-sized pup is napping on his back, exposing his fat hairless belly. His little tongue is protruding in and out as he dreams of last week when he was still suckling on his mummy. 
I’m in love!
Celine and Pablo