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Saturday, March 30, 2013

One more sleep until the Eeta Bunny comes!

Jonah, baby Padraic and Hagar

Memories of Easter Sundays with five kids under nine years of age come flooding back at this time of year. I recall with the clarity of yesterday fragments of chocolate trodden all through the house, smeared into the carpet fibres and tile grouting. At first all five would savour their eggs.

Five giant, chocolate monstrosities encased in torn psychedelic foil crowded the fridge; with ubiquitous splinters of chocolate dropping down into the crisper and permeating every crevice. The rubber seal of the fridge had its limits tested as every three minutes one kid or another would open the door to pick off a delectable nibble of Cadbury confectionary.

This lasted until Hagar finished his egg first and overcome by greed would pilfer someone else’s egg, hide under his bed and surreptitiously gobble it up.

“Someone stoled my Eeta egg!” Lulu would wail. Everyone knew it was Hagar due to his greenish hue.

Now Hagar is almost twenty years old and doesn’t want an ‘Eeta egg’. Thaddeus and Jonah gave them up years ago. Last year when Lulu was fifteen years of age and Padraic seventeen, they both requested Easter eggs.

“Really?” I asked sceptically. “Aren’t you a little bit old?”

“I’ll have one of those Humpty Dumpty ones with the Smarties inside please.” requested an unfazed Padraic.

This year I’ve decided to put a bowl in the kitchen with some gold rabbits and assorted eggs and they can help themselves. Enough’s enough.

I do have a nephew Heinrich, however, who is only eight years old and my mission today is to find a distinctly macho style of egg just for him, if that is humanly possible.

Heinrich abhors anything remotely feminine and last year ripped into the Easter bunny for the apparently contemptible egg he was presented with on Sunday morning. Heinrich is not spoiled mind you… just extremely pedantic about his masculinity.

A football shaped Easter egg seems a little trite and uncreative don’t you agree?

It can’t have any bunnies in any colour or creed and baby chicks should only appear on the packaging if the benefactor wishes to incite a temper tantrum. 

So now I’m off to seek out the holy grail of ‘blokey’ eggs. If only I could find one shaped like this…

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