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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pinky and the Boys

                             'Creative' Scotto channelling Austin Powers

The winners of the Australian Writers’ Centre Best Blogs competition were announced yesterday and after annoying all of you to vote for me I feel it’s imperative to inform you that I didn’t win the People’s Choice Award. I didn’t even come close. The winner was a Real Estate blog which received a whopping 1468 votes. Maybe I was being a little optimistic! Thank you, my lovely, loyal friends for going out of your way to sift through all of those blogs to vote for me. Maybe I should have named my blog ‘Aardvark Pinky Poinker’.

I also nominated my post “Desecration of British Landmarks”, click …here, for the Most Humorous Post award but was just beaten to the finish line (not really but that’s how I console myself) by a gentleman called Ben Pobjie (who had won it the previous year as well) and I have put the link to his winning post at the end of this in case you would like to read it.

As you know, Scotto and I met online almost nine years ago back in the days when it wasn’t yet sociably acceptable. We had spoken for hours and hours on the telephone and had exchanged countless emails before we actually met. Click…here,  if you haven’t read the amusing story.

After two months of extensive telecommunication, the critical time had come to meet in person and my girlfriend Babette and I had flown down to Brisvegas and were staying at an apartment at Kangaroo Point. Scotto was to drive up from the Gold Coast to meet us for drinks and dinner. Scotto and I were on the telephone making the final arrangements when he startled me with this question.

“So Pinky, would you like me to show you my boys when I come up?”

There was a moment’s silence as I pondered this query.

That’s a bit forward, I thought. Who does this man think he is anyway? Why would I want to see his ‘boys’? What’s so special about them? Are they really big or something? Yuk! Or maybe they’re really small. Double Yuk! Perhaps they’re misshapen or really hairy? Maybe he can do tricks with them. Funny… I hadn’t noticed ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ on his dating site profile. He used the plural ‘boyS’ so at least he has two of them…

“Pinky!” Scotto interrupted my X-rated revelry. “I mean my cartoon characters… my boys!”

Aaaaah yes, I remembered. Scotto had revealed his predilection for cartooning in a few of our lengthy phone calls and I had gushed that I’d love to see the characters he’d created. He called them his ‘boys’.

In truth I was very excited to be finally meeting a man with a drop of creativity running through his veins. Let’s face it; they’re a bit hard to come by in North Queensland, home of Rugby League.

The cartoons are really good but they’ve been sitting collecting dust under our computer desk for years now. 

(You may be wondering what happened to the music clips I committed to embedding in each of my posts as a soundtrack. Well if you haven’t realised how flighty and fickle Pinky is by now then you deserve to wonder.) 

 I intend to occasionally (when it suits) include some of Scotto’s very clever cartoons on my posts and I hope you enjoy them.

This is the first and I believe it reflects our lifestyle perfectly.

Ben Pobjie winner of Most Humorous Post