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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pinky's Special Poem for the Mothers of Teenage Daughters

Lulu and Pinky back when Lulu still liked Pinky.

“That’s not a skirt, it’s a handkerchief and

that top you’re wearing is beyond belief!”

yelped Pinky as her daughter walked off,

tossing her hair and turning to scoff

at an out-dated mother she’d grown to hate.

“Don’t worry Mum I won’t be late.

Don’t wait up, I’m sixteen now!

… she’ll be asleep by ten, the stupid cow…,”

muttered the daughter so Mum wouldn’t hear.

Through the blinds did Pinky peer

to catch a glimpse of her baby daughter, 

climbing into a car with someone who oughta

not have a licence by the look of their parking.

They hit the wheelie bin and the dogs are barking.

Off they drive down the empty street. 

Pinky sighs and picks from her feet

the bindis she stood on as she ran outside, 

to wave goodbye to her oh so snide

daughter who’s got better fish to fry,

than her stupid mother with the tears in her eyes.

Pinky goes back, sits with a wine

and picks up an album from a happier time

when her daughter was two and cuddling her Mummy.

… Six months old and suckling a dummy.

Her first day of school with the cheeky grin…

and the cross country race Pinky knew she’d win.

Why have things changed over the years?

Now she only wants to mix with her peers,

thought Pinky, wiping a tear from the page.

Maybe it’s me? Maybe it’s her age?

Pinky dials the phone with depressed emotion

and calls her own Mum in familial devotion.

“What’s happening Mum?” she cries to the grand dame.

Who wisely replies, “Don’t worry Pinky… you were exactly the same. 

Teenage years never go without a hitch,

Believe me Pinky, you were a right little b#tch."