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Monday, July 7, 2014

Pinky's Versatile Bloggers Awards!

It occurred to me some time ago you’re all sick and tired of hearing about Pinky and her trifling insecurities and humdrum recreational activities, so it was with a mixed sense of exultation and trepidation when my blogging friend Louise, from Louise Allan. Life from the attic., nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award yesterday. 

As the recipient of said nomination it is my duty to relate “Seven Things You Might Not Know About Me” and then nominate fifteen other bloggers (which is the easy part) for the award and set task.

I’m fairly certain you would all much rather read, “Seven Things Leading to Pinky’s Decision to Cease Writing her Blog” but I’m afraid this is my mandate and I must obey.

Firstly, thank you Louise for your kind-hearted nomination. Louise is a mother, doctor and writer (and self-confessed Pepsi Max addict). She is completing her first novel, “Ida’s Children” which grew out of a short story she wrote in 2010. I thoroughly enjoy Louise’s insightful book reviews and am greatly looking forward to reading her book.

As Louise is a real-life, ridgy didge medico, I’ve decided to work my seven revelations around the theme of 
‘Pinky’s Medical Peculiarities’ which I’m positive she will be riveted by and has been dying to hear all about.

1. I have an extra ‘lobe’ on my right kidney. At first the specialist thought something was blocking my apparently dilated organ but subsequent scans revealed it was just an extra bit chucked on by Mother Nature. 

While this is all well and good, I would much rather have preferred an extra ‘lobe’ on my liver to assist in processing my excess Chardonnay consumption. Scotto, mentioned in passing, an extra ‘lobe’ on my brain might not have gone amiss. “It’s quite normal,” insisted my Uro-gynecologist. “Just like having an extra finger!”

I don’t know how you feel, but having an extra finger isn’t really all that normal is it? I have a deep seated fear that perhaps I ate my twin in utero. If they find a tooth in that extra ‘lobe’ I’ll be pretty upset.

2. I have Arcus Senilis, which is a milky ring around the iris and you’re only supposed to get it when you’re in your eighties or thereabouts. 

I’ve had it since I was thirty seven. 

It can be a sign of high cholesterol which I don’t have. I’m convinced it’s insidiously linked to the Chardonnay.

3. I had all four wisdom teeth removed when I was eighteen. At the time, I was working as a dental nurse for a partnership of dentists. 

One of the partners disliked me intensely and I thought if I entrusted him to pull out my wisdom teeth he might start to like me a bit. My plan worked and I retained my job. 

As reckless and foolish as this story sounds, it’s very true. It also probably explains a lot.

4. I’ve never broken a bone due to the over-protective instincts of my mother, who didn't allow me to play contact sport or have a bike. I used to go to my friend Lindy’s place to dangerously and precariously ride her sister’s bike all over the city in heavy traffic, unbeknownst to my mother.

5. My large bunion (aptly named ‘Paul’) which I wrote about last year, is becoming a bit of a celebrity. Foot fetish devotees all over the world are using search terms like “I like bunions” and are flocking to my post in considerable numbers. I know you hope I jest, but sadly I do not.

6. I get asthma from eating pickled onions. When I was a kid I’d knowingly eat them from the jar in large quantities then approach my mother, wheezing in a death-rattle-esque manner and say, “Listen to my breathing, MUM!” 

She would tell me to go away and to stop being silly. It was years before I clicked as to what was happening. I also get asthma from Bundy Rum, Kahlua, certain brands of orange juice and from laughing too much.

7. I am very light boned and have a tiny head which means I can’t weigh as much as what normal people my height do ( I’m 165cm tall) or I look like a pin head. 

Everything on my body is small leading to minor annoyances such as never being able to find a hat that fits. Small ear canals, skinny fingers, fine hair, skinny legs… let your imagination run wild. Everything is small except my nose and stomach. And apparently my right kidney.

Now… enough of my dribble.

My fifteen nominees are as follows- (This is optional girls and you may have already done it.)

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Please send me your link in the comments if you would like me to add you :)

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What medical peculiarities do you have?