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Friday, July 18, 2014

Pinky Visits the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland and includes the trial division (which hears the most serious criminal cases including murder, manslaughter and serious drug offences) and the Court of Appeal. 

I’d never been before today.

As I was subpoenaed to appear at this intimidating venue at 10:00 am sharp this morning I wondered what I should wear.

“No thongs!” was the only advice my legal counsel (son Jonah), had provided. That’s how highly my legal counsel regards my dress sense.

As if I’d turn up to the Supreme Court in a pair of rubber flip flops.

I arose in plenty of time to exercise, shower and dress in an unhurried manner. It was a special day. My son, Jonah, was to be officially admitted to the legal profession

His lifelong friend Newman, was also being admitted on this auspicious day. The same Newman who’d wandered in to our brand new house at four years of age and inveigled his way into our lives. (Link)

The same Newman who’d (by association) almost decapitated the pianist in our youth theatre group. (Link)

The same Newman who’d played guitar with Jonah in the boys’ band. (Link)

As I said… it was an exceptional day indeed.

Even though I’d left the house with ample time to spare I hadn't counted on Queensland Railway sending one of its most sluggish trains to intercept my journey. I hadn't counted on catching every bloody red light and I certainly hadn't counted on having no idea where the Supreme Court actually was.

Leaving the house with a nebulous notion of its precise location didn’t pan out with the happy ending I’d envisaged.

I’d mistakenly parked outside the City Council building, then realising my error, hysterically circled the block a few times searching for a building remotely approaching a court house. By this time the clock on my dashboard displayed a mere five minute window to park the car and bolt full pelt up the stairs, into a lift and through security.

It wasn't the composed, regal, mother-of-a-lawyer entrance I’d imagined but at least they hadn't locked the door on me.

Jonah and Newman were seated at a desk surrounded by wig wearing legal eagles.

Sporting a wind-swept, dishevelled hair style, I approached the boys with a wild expression, animatedly wielding my phone in the air.

But my efforts were instantly thwarted by Jonah’s father who waved me back in stern admonishment. 

I’d arrived too late to hear the dire cautions delivered by the Bailiff a minute beforehand regarding the use of cameras in the Supreme Court; a crime punishable by death, apparently.

Everyone stared at the ignorant and ill-bred Pinky as she did the walk of shame back into a dingy corner where there was standing room only.

“There are to be NO photographs taken in the court room!” the Bailiff repeated, eyeballing a crushed and shrinking, Pinky. “And if you are wearing sunglasses on the top of your head please remove them!” he added officiously.

‘Oh… now he’s just bloody PICKING on me!’ I thought, snatching the Oakleys off my noggin and shoving them in my bag.

“Please rise for the honourable judge,” the Bailiff sang.

Suddenly the most extraordinary looking man sashayed into the room wearing a long grey wig and a Santa suit. I’m not joking. It was a fair dinkum Santa suit, with fur and everything.


I was overpowered with a violent urge to giggle maniacally.

But Jonah would have been very unimpressed with me and I might have been cuffed by the security guards so I stifled it by thinking about the sweat stains on the collar of the man standing in front of me and pinching myself very hard.

It was a long ceremony made longer by the fact I had to stand for its entirety.

I was very proud of the boys at the end of it all though. 

And we went off for a lovely lunch together afterwards.

But I sometimes wonder if I’m fit to be the mother of a lawyer, especially with my breaking the law and all by possessing a photograph of the inside of the ‘you know what’.

I’m sure Jonah wonders the same thing.

          (L-R) Newman's Mum, Newman, Newman's Dad, Jonah's Dad, Jonah.  (Front) Pinky!

Have you ever been in a court room?

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