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Friday, August 16, 2013

Do you ever feel you're being BURIED ALIVE!!!

                                Pinky: Buried Alive

BBed linen… haven’t changed sheets for two weeks... they're sticking to our legs.

Underpants… haven’t done washing for ages and have run out. Have to wear ancient G-string. Permanent wedgy.

RRecipes… went to the Lenard’s Chicken shop on four days this week. Marvellous range there.

IIrate, complaining teenagers… “Muuuuum! Not bloody chicken AGAIN!”

EEnergy… nowhere to be seen around here, gone AWOL... along with only comfortable bra lost in huge pile of dirty washing.

DDusting… can’t turn ceiling fans on because big lumps of fluff keep flying off. I keep thinking there are bats loose in the house.

AApathy… Eighteen year old stayed out all night on a school night; didn't bother to get up him. Had to ring the school to ask if my own son had turned up that day. School secretary thinks I'm a weird mother.

LLint… someone left tissues in pocket again, spread all over the black pants I was going to wear to work. Wore them anyway.

IIdiot… guy who yelled at me and gave me the finger for cutting him off on roundabout. Someone needs to go to anger management workshops, methinks.

VVacuuming… there is a dead cockroach stuck to the floor that's been there since Monday morning. It'll need a chisel to get it up.

E Ever hopeful that next week I’ll get my act together whilst also remembering a lot of other people are much worse off than Pinky and I should cease my whinging.

I'm still smiling like a rat with a gold tooth!

                          Every mother's saviour!
                      (Not sponsered but should be; in fact                                             should be CEO)

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