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Monday, August 5, 2013

Help Pinky Achieve World Domination

In January, at about the same time I began writing my blog, I read my ‘Annual Horoscope’ in the Sunday Mail.

“This year you will begin a new creative endeavour…” it began. “After throwing everything you have into this project, by August you will begin to reap dazzling and mind-blowing results. Indeed, your efforts may very well bring fame and adulation, and about time too, artistic Libra!”
That was enough celestial impetus for me. I could see it all clearly… the multi-million dollar book deal, the movie rights, the Oprah and Ellen interviews, the international tours, the “Pinky Doll”.

I’m going to be another Justin Beiber! I thought ecstatically…
but a bit menopausal, a bit jowlier, and with a pot belly, skinny legs and can’t sing.

Well guess what, oh “Spirits of the Zodiac”? It’s freakin August and I haven’t achieved world domination.

“There are still twenty-six days left in August, Pinky,” reminded a sanguine Scotto after patiently listening to me complaining bitterly for hours on end. “You could still do it!”

I read my stars in the Sunday Mail yesterday. “You may be moving house in the near future,” it pontificated, “Possibly to a smaller abode. Better start collecting cardboard boxes.”

WTF????? How can my future go from world recognition and adulation to shifting house?

So I’m a bit cranky about my lack of success and frankly I’ve been beginning to suspect I spend too much time on my laptop anyway.

Particularly when I find myself wiping down the kitchen counters with Pine-o-Clean, doing a robotic voice-over, “AVAST! ANTI-VIRUS DATABASE HAS BEEN UPDATED!”

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