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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Teachers Really Want to Say!!

Hey guys! 
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Tonight I have penned a little ditty I hope my colleagues (and anyone else for that matter) may find a bit funny... and true!

“Be quiet please!”

You hear me wheeze

“You’re way too loud

For a small sized crowd

Of children in a tiny room,

That one might easily assume

Ensconced inside this messy place

We have the entire human race.

I said, shut up! you rowdy mob

Don’t make your teacher rue her job

Shut your traps! I’ve had enough

I’m just about to get really tough.

Shut your cake holes! Zip your lips!

You need to stop and get to grips.

Shut your pie hole, naughty child.

Your teacher’s growing crazy wild!

This is a classroom, not a zoo

That screaming I will soon subdue

With a time out in the corner there!

All day you’ll stay, I just don’t care.

I’ll hang you out the window soon

I’ll leave you there all afternoon

I’ll get a muzzle in a sec...

And gag you all! Oh what the heck…

I know I can’t. There’s teacher rules

I have to use my management tools.

I can’t scream out or slap the child

Doesn’t matter how much I’m riled

There’s only one thing that’s approved

To ensure that the teacher is not removed

From her teaching duties and given the sack

We have to cast our eyes right to the back

Of the room and find the solitary soul,

The child who's not a complete butt-hole,

And point them out and declare out loud

To get the attention of the disorderly crowd

“Thank you so much to the boy I can see,

Who’s sitting and quietly listening to me.”