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Sunday, April 17, 2016

I'm Noodled and Need Your Opinion!

Surf competition at Rainbow Bay yesterday.

N is for Noodled
April A-Z Challenge

I hope you didn’t expect to find a post about Asian cooking because you won’t find it here.

Noodled is a surfing term for being exhausted, and frankly, I’m a bit noodled after last week, my first entire week back teaching after four months long service leave.

Scotto felt sorry for me as I sat despondently staring at the telly yesterday morning, nursing my jaw (post-surgery) whilst swishing a mixture of salty warm water and neurotically googling ‘dry socket syndrome’, so he kindly offered to take me to the beach for lunch.

I almost had four panic attacks on the hour long drive to Coolangatta because of the adrenaline come down. It was a dreadfully stressful week. I know I sound like a sook but you have no idea what I put myself through. After four months of slothful self-indulgence I was forced to get up early every day and drive down the treacherous steep slope that is Henry Robert Drive, fearfully drive another twisting ten kilometres at 70 kilometres an hour (in a 90 zone) with twenty cars containing cranky, speed freaks piled up behind me, and then find that I’d still managed to arrive twenty minutes before the fudging school office even opened.

I need to work on my timing.

I was too shy to go to the staff room so I went with no coffee all day every day, and I had to smile ingratiatingly at everyone for the entire time and came home with a tired face and the jitters from caffeine withdrawal.

Dear God, Can you please let me win the Lotto so I can retire early?
But enough of my self-wallowing and on to a more serious topic.

What do you guys think about parents who sacrifice their driver’s licence points for their kid’s traffic misdemeanors?

If your kid asked you to do it, would you? 

I mean to say, what lesson will they learn from their fine and point deduction if you cave in to their request? 

What happens if they continue to speed, drive through red lights and stop signs and eventually wind up in the intensive care unit on life support? Imagine the guilt you’d feel, the agonising remorse.

And what lesson are you, in effect, teaching your kids? That Mummy and Daddy will cover for you when you BREAK THE FUDGING LAW? 

The laws are there to protect them from themselves and to protect the possible innocent victim they slam into when they hurtle through a red light whilst texting on their mobile.

It's not very good role modelling in my opinion.

You would also be breaking the law yourself by lying to the police.

If only kids could understand that it does them good to learn these lessons in life just like we did. No WAY my parents would have taken the rap for me and I would never have asked them. I would have been embarrassed to get the fine in the first place.

Not (some) kids these days. They seem to have an unwarranted sense of entitlement and think their parents should cut their own hearts out with a rusty razor blade and hand it to them in a bloody Macca's box.

What would you do? Am I an 'uncool' mother? Or are parents who do this bloody idiots?