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Monday, April 18, 2016

On Watching Stephen King

O is for "On Watching: Stephen King" (see what I did there).

April A-Z Challenge

We started watching the telemovie of the Stephen King book, 11:22:63, last night.

A link to the trailer here!

We’d each read the book and were both in a high state of excited anticipation.

Naturally, Scotto and I began bickering two minutes in.

“That’s not how the story starts!” I sneered.

Scotto clicked pause on the remote control and turned to me.

“We aren’t going to do this again are we, Pinky?” he glared at me.

“NOOO…” I sighed. “I’ll shut my trap.”

“James Franco is far too young for that role,” I muttered, slurping into my wine glass, fifty-eight seconds later. “The main guy is supposed to be tall and James Franco is too small.”

Scotto coughed and scowled at me.

“Sorreeee,” I said quietly.

“What about the back story?” I squealed in outrage a mere forty seconds later. “They can’t just skip the back story, it doesn’t make any bloody sense!”

Scotto clicked the remote again with slightly more force than necessary.

“Look, Pinky,” his teeth were gritted. “It’s an eight episode mini-series so they can’t possibly fit everything that’s in the book into the screenplay. Are we going to watch this in peace or NOT?”

“I don’t like it when they do this,” I whined. “They leave all the good bits out. But okay, I promise I won’t say another word about all the good stuff they’ve deleted.”

He started the movie up again.

“Well THAT didn’t even happen in the bloody book!” I interjected after ten minutes. “Now they’re making stuff up. It’s sacrilegious. Stephen King must be rolling over in his grave.”

“Stephen King isn’t dead,” Scotto said. “Besides, it DID happen in the book.”
“No, it didn’t,” I argued. “No wonder Stephen King’s books are always flops as movies.”

“They aren’t all flops, what about Misery!” blurted Scotto.

“Pet Sematary!” I shot back.

“The Shining!” he snapped in return.

“The Mist,” I went one better. “Stupid mist monsters and ridiculous ending.”

“Carrie!” he shouted.

“Grave Yard Shift!” I slam dunked.

“The Green Mile!” he triumphed, fist pumping in the air.

“I didn’t like The Green Mile,” I sulked. "I hated all that magical black stuff that came out of John Coffey’s mouth. I hate magical stuff. It’s silly.”

“The Green Mile was a brilliant movie and you know it, Pinky. Besides, you’re currently watching a movie about a guy who time travels through the back of a hamburger stand. That’s magical isn’t it?”
“What about The Langoliers?” I sniffed. “Worst acting I’ve ever seen. And the monsters looked like PacMen!”

See what I mean!

“Do. You. Want. To. Watch. This Movie. Or. Not?” he asked, with a bit of a sharp tone which frankly I thought was unwarranted.

“Of course I do. Why do you keep stopping it? It’ll be midnight if you keep stopping it and I’ll be tired in the morning.”

We did make it to the end of the first episode. Well, Scotto did as I gently snored beside him so he’ll have to watch it all over again with me tonight.

What do you think? Do you prefer the watch the movie or read the book first?