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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Peacocking Around

A Pea Hen, not to be confused with a peacock, apparently.

P is for Peacocking Around

To be honest I have nothing interesting to say about peacocks but I had a photo of a peahen and it starts with a P so it seems that the universe desperately wants me to base my daily drivel on peacocks.

Hmmm. What shall I say… what bullshit will spew forth from my two fingered, tentative typing on the keyboard? Apologies for this challenge but it has to be completed.
My first crush was on a peacock, I suppose.

I saw him on the bus when I was thirteen and after some cunning investigative research, I discovered his last name was Peacock. I watched him from the seat behind on that Saturday morning on the bus and savoured the whiteness of his neck. I hadn’t actually seen his face because I was far too shy, but I knew he was a spunkarama.

I can’t tell you his first name because one day he might Google himself and this post might pop up and that would be bloody embarrassing even though he’s possibly dead since we’re both so old now.

He lived around the corner from me and one day I spotted him again, riding a GoGo bike with his mates, Rooster and Bull, leaning on his very high handle bars, smoking a cigarette and flicking his lovely black fringe out of his eyes. I still didn't get a look at his face, but you just know these things, right?

“Who’s he?” I hissed to my friend (who incidentally is dead so I'm not joking about the old thing). 

She told me.

”Do you like him?” she giggled.

“No, I think he’s ugly,” I answered with my usual dishonestly.

I went home and looked his name up in the phone book to find out his exact street address. I’d walk home past his house after the bus dropped me off at the main road and hoped he’d come out of his house. He never did.

I might have even dialled his number and hung up when his Mum answered. It sounds like something I’d do. Ah, the days before caller ID huh?

Anyway, his much plainer mate, Bull, took a liking to me and asked me to the movies (via my friend) and I was horrified. Of course I didn’t go.

Just think, if I’d played my cards right and not been such a stalker, sooky wuss I could have ended up as Pinky Peacock.

That’s my crap for the letter P.

First crush? Spill!