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Monday, April 4, 2016


Pith Off!

D is for Disdain

April A-Z Challenge

This is the perfect portrait of disdain.

My fox-terrier, Celine, has an enviable measure of scorn and contempt for the world encompassed in her posture alone, don’t you think?

What I’d give for that style of, “Fudge off thou minions, thou art but fleas upon a mongrel dog.”

I think she’s being disdainful because we are sick of throwing the bloody ball for her and she’s cracking it.

I love the word, ‘disdain’.

I have disdain for people who post racist things on Facebook because they’re frightened of something they haven’t really investigated properly and are just going with the cherry-picking crap they read in the media.

I have disdain for homophobic bigots.

I have disdain for haters and people who are passive aggressive, judgmental, 'Creeping Jesus' dickheads.#

This, on a lighter note, is the complete opposite of disdain.

Normally he thinks he’s the Pope of Chillitown but he loosens up when he’s getting his belly rub.

This is a respectable display of self-indulgent, debauched hedonism. ##

This is my Chihuahua, Pablo, who loves his belly rub and has no disdain in his body at all when he is being spoiled by a good scratch around his generously proportioned umbilical region. (I have to be careful when I’m giving him a belly rub though because the ‘you know what’ might get in the way and I wouldn’t want to accidentally touch it. It’s the trouble with male dogs I suppose.)

All those shitty, Judgy-McJudgement people out there should just chill out and ask for a belly rub.

# Creeping Jesus (noun, British informal) a person who is obsequious or hypocritically pious (I might have had to deal with one yesterday).

## Example of redundant, repetitious, superfluous tautology.

The world would be a better place without people like that, don’t you think?