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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pinky Mixes with the Rich and Famous

        Pinky posing with a fake St Bernard at St Bernard's Hotel on Mt Tamborine.           (There is a real one but he was taken outside to do number twos.)

After throwing back a quick coffee this morning, Mum, Dad and I set off early on a day trip to Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast hinterland. It was akin to going back to childhood sitting quietly in the back of Dad’s Mercedes Benz and gazing out the window at the verdant scenery. 

Of course if it was truly reflective of my childhood road trips there would have been two other kids sitting in the back with me and one of us would have probably been stricken with car sickness and spewed up all over the back seat; but nevertheless there was a certain element of being able to relinquish all responsibility which lent a childlike atmosphere to the outing.

In actual fact I did begin to sense a tinge of motion sickness on the way up the mountain with all the twists and turns, but I recently read that if you poke a piece of cotton wool down one ear it prevents nausea. So there I sat in the back of the car with a lump of tissue sticking out of one ear like an oversized slightly 'special' child… and guess what? It worked.

The purpose of the trip was so my real estate mogul parents could inspect a property which is coming up for auction next week. “You’ll like it,” promised Dad, “it has a little creek running through it!”

On that point, my father was not exaggerating. We drove down the long driveway towards the house and I was stunned at the beauty of the pink, red, white, purple and mixed-coloured camellia shrubs lining the way.

The four bedroom house is set on five acres of flattish ground surrounded by panoramic views of Surfers Paradise, rainforest and lush garden including a natural waterfall and running creek.

Just take a look;

                                     This is the backyard waterfall!

                                        Lush gardens

                                         Massive gazebo overlooking the panorama.

                           Icy cold creek running all through the bottom of the property.
                                Ooooh... skinny dipping in Winter!

                                       Views of the rainforest and Surfers Paradise

                                     One of three delightful bridges crossing the creek.

                                       Dozens of Camelia bushes all over the place.

                           Apparently the neighbour down the road is Simon Gallagher
                                        of musical comedy fame!
                          You could call in for a cup of tea and some Pirates of Penzance!

Unbelievably beautiful. 

Mind you, if Scotto and I ever moved into a place like this the garden would be so overgrown after a few months you wouldn’t even be able to motor down the driveway. We would undoubtedly ruin it with our miserable gardening expertise and innate laziness.

Anyway… this house, situated down the road is probably all we could afford at best.

Nice little doer-upper though don’t you think?

Not much good in the rain though, and a bit breezy.